it’s a small world

I have always wanted to explore the world…….I was lucky enough to start with a visit to Mexico as a very young teenager.

Flamenco dancers at Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

I was scheduled to spend a year in France my junior year in high school, but that trip fell through. I don’t think my Mother quite understood when she allowed me to apply that a French student would be living in our home for the year. She wouldn’t get to deal with one less kid after all.

I managed to get back to Mexico for day trips when George was stationed at Ft Bliss.

Cathedral in Mexico City

Then I was thrilled to take trips to the Ukraine, Israel and Egypt…….

And finally, George traveled with me to Guatemala.

In each country I made a point of just grabbing a map and taking off for parts unknown.

I’ve wandered downtown Kiev in December, seeing the snow crystals on Onion domes and cobbled streets.

I’ve ridden camels across deserts, sailed on felluca down the Nile, ridden donkeys up the sides of volcanoes, and walked the streets of Jerusalem, Acra, Jerico. I climbed the hills above the Dead Sea, made my way up the snake path to Masada………..I crawled through a tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

I’ve met people of many races, religions and political stances that differ from my own.

We are…all of us…more similar than different.

I’ve had hours long discussions with people of different religions, and we respected each others opinions even when we thought they were wrong. I’ve discussed politics with people whose countries policies are far removed from my own. In none of these conversations did anyone become angry or upset.

So why can’t we Americans have a conversation instead of an argument when discussing anything?  It doesn’t matter if it is a political or religious discussion………we can no longer meet as equals and discuss things rationally.

6 thoughts on “it’s a small world

  1. Why? Because we have leaders and talking heads who have missed the conciliatory boat. “my way or the highway” or as trump so eloquently commented at a rally over a dissenter…..”throw the sonuvabitch out.”

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  2. somehow, my sweet friend, we HAVE to find a path back to being AMERICANS instead of republicans/democrats or Christians/anything else. Our country is dying and our leaders don’t seem to care. We have to start small I guess and work from there…

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  3. When it is no longer profitable for professional politicians (of all stripes) to keep the population at each other’s throats, only then can we work towards peace. Until then … not a chance.

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  4. The “Kiev in winter” is stunning. And yes, we should learn to communicate more efficiently.

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