A to Z Challenge, April 4, 2018 D

The A to Z Challenge is a month long challenge that anyone can join …..check it out here.    I seem to have developed the ‘theme” of using Latin words (the more archaic the better). No, I have no clue how or why this has happened…but here we are.  Day four and the letter is D.

D is for Daedalus.  You know, when I was taking Latin from Miss Wright (high school), I honestly didn’t think I would ever “get it”.  I worked so hard at learning this silly stuff, and was constantly failing to remember anything whenever we were tested.  I thought ‘this stupid language isn’t going to help me at all!”  Little did I know, some (almost) 50 years later I would be pulling these words out of the back of my mind for a challenge in BLOGGING????

Daedalus means ‘skillful..or skillfully made”.

Anyone that has ever read Greek mythology has heard of Daedalus.  Which is really ODD since the word is LATIN which came from Italy, not Greece.  Even Greek myths……….aren’t.

daedalus and minotaur a coruna museum

In any event, the dude built the Labyrinth for King Minos…and Minos used it to hold onto his Minotaur…….Daedalus was Icarus (of the melting wings fame) daddy.

There was a brief reference to Daedalus in a Dr Who episode with a Minotaur (The God Complex)

The God Complex Promo, BBC

Yes,I know…this post is all over the place. I must need more coffee.

9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge, April 4, 2018 D

  1. I’m beginning to understand, by reading your posts, why Latin is considered to be a dead language.

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    1. LOL….even the Roman Catholic church is using other languages for their masses now.

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  2. Suze you are so hilarious and clever! Love your alphabet so far…..

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    1. thanks Georgie…i am having fun I must admit!


  3. Interesting word. I’d seen the word before, but never knew what it was. My husband’s aviation group in the Army had a sort of club, called the Icarus Society. Thanks for the new word of the day! 🙂

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    1. yep, Icarus made himself some wings out of a wooden frame, attached feathers to it with wax…had a lovely backstrap made of soft leather..then decided to fly to the sun to talk with some god or other…daddy said “don’t be stupid” but Ic was a teenage boy and they can be the height of stupidity at times. Anywho, up he went and the wax started melting. Of course the kid fell back to earth…amazing in his dad’s front yard and smooshed. Moral of the story??? Either listen to your elders for good advice or end up like bird doodoo splattered all over the birdbath in the front yard!

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      1. hahaha! I love how you tell the story of Icarus! History in school was so boring, but I sure would have liked learning things if you’d been my teacher. 🙂

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  4. Breathing Deeply April 4, 2018 — 11:12 am

    Great word and You’re sense of humor is electric! E for tomorrow’s letter. 🤪 Love the Dr. Who reference! Great episode and great post.

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    1. hey, anytime I can sneak in a dr who episode my life becomes complete! until the next one….lol

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