A to Z Challenge, :E

E is for Efugio…………what?  What’s that ?  EFUGIO????

I am, frankly, baffled by anyone’s wonderment of Efugio……don’t you all know that word?  It’s such a wonderful word……..EFUGIO……..Say it three or four times. Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?

Ms. Wright would be baffled by the idea that her worst student EVER in the history of high school Latin classes would have remembered so many words! She’d be amazed yet confused.  How could this horrid student, who failed every single test in Latin 101 actually remember anything at all, much less know how to use the word in a sentence.  (Well, not a LATIN only sentence, but still).

The very fact that Suze is spouting forth Latin words within a challenge…especially an A to Z Challenge that last a month would bumfuzzle the best of teacher…but a high school Latin 101 teacher would be far more baffled and bewildered than anyone else.

Hopefully, everyone has figured out by now that the first meaning of the word Efugio is “baffled”. Of course, it also means to flee or escape...probably from the bafflement surrounding this post.

8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge, :E

  1. It’s a great word!! I’m going to use it today.

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  2. Breathing Deeply April 5, 2018 — 7:58 am

    I couldn’t even begin to put that in a sentence..I am utterly baffled.

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  3. lol. good word i like it. xo

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  4. Suze, “efugiat” – I have escaped?


    1. efugiamus: I have escaped……..rofl good try though

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      1. Yeah, OK. Only way I passed Latin was my mother’s high school cheat text with all the answers in it.

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      2. lucky man! We didn’t even have any answers in the back of the book………….sigh

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  5. I’d use it if I knew how to pronounce it correctly…that word could be massacred.

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