Where did Spring go?

It is positively frigid outside! Last week, I cleared out the closets of all winter clothing, never thinking Spring would disappear so rapidly.

For the past three days it has been as cold as during the entire past winter…no climate change my pale patootie!

It doesn’t help that I feel like …let’s just say, I am a bit under the weather…and leave it there….doesn’t help that yesterday was Wednesday and I totally thought it was Tuesday..so my Wednesday music post is once again on the wrong day……….

Enough whinging on and on………listen to this and feel better…..I am certainly going to try!


12 thoughts on “Where did Spring go?

  1. Hope SPRINGS eternal. (It’s cold here also)

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  2. Ah! Lulled into a false sense of Spring! OK does it every year.

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  3. The Spring has come to us at last, Suze! It’s here! A lovely sunny day today. Sunglasses, no jacket, no socks!
    Please let us keep the Spring!

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    1. can’t I borrow just a tiny bit of yours please?


  4. I am real mad at that “Spring”, too. Maybe Spring resigned from her position and they are looking for a replacement.

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    1. I am pretty sure that Spring has indeed absconded and is in need of replacing. I suggested Bright but got nowhere with it..Then I thought of an old camera I received when I (finally) graduated from college. in the directions for the lens was the sentence “when sunny brightly is days, clear lens is gooder”………so I am renaming Spring “sunny brightly”!

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      1. What about Gooder Brightly?

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  5. I hope you feel better soon 😉

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    1. thanks Rose…slowly but surely I shall once again be human….ummmmmm, FEEL human! lol

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  6. Oklahoma: “How do you like me now?” or for today it’s “Here, hold my beer and watch this.” (26 degrees..) LOL!

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    1. dang! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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