A to Z Challenge, April 6 F

A to Z Challenge, April 6, 2018 and the letter for this day is “F”

Continuing with my apparent love of Latin (can you see my eyes rolling heavenward?) I need an “F” word!  I have wanted to type that almost forever! WOOT! (sorry, sorry…back to the challenge)

Hey Ms. Wright! Watch this!

faenisecium!  Now in a sentence so you can see what it means! woot!


Did everyone get that? No???  Does this help?

I need to mow the lawn..yes I do.

Here it is early Spring and I have to mow the stupid lawn….it is 50 degrees outside, we are still into the 30’s at night and that blasted grass needs mowing! It isn’t fair!

I shouldn’t have to do yard work yet…not as cold as it has been…but if I don’t, the grass police are sure to be giving me notice yet again that my grass is 1/4 inch too tall.

4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge, April 6 F

  1. Does it really mean ‘mow the lawn’? Did those Latin speakers all those years ago actually have lawns to mow? Fascinating!

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    1. yes, it does mean mow the lawn…and yes, there were “groomed” lawns near pools in Rome and Sparta!

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  2. You will be planting the veg next 😊

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  3. I’ll have to remember this word come summertime. haha! I think you’ve sent down the cold air to us. The cold front is just now hitting, and we’re supposed to be a bit below freezing in the morning! No No No!! Today was 85 for heaven’s sake. 🙂

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