A to Z challenge, April 7, 2018 G

***Notice: written at somewhere around 2 am and without the brain engaged..so it isn’t about a “G” at all****


A to Z Challenge for April 7, 2018 and the word shall begin with “H”.

Are there any Latin words beginning with H?  I can feel Ms. Wright leaning over me from behind my desk and frowing as I contemplate this letter.  She has a ruler in her hands..hands behind her back and she is tapping that blasted ruler on one hand.  I can feel the sweat break out on my forehead wondering if I am about to be “tapped” on the head and berated for not responding quickly enough…..there MUST be a “H” word!

habena!!!!  Oh thank goodness I thought of one! 

And what an appropriate word! Ms. Wright was known for having zero tolerance for kids and their frustrating inability to think rapidly while she stood behind them tapping her ruler.  I think she was trained at the University of Machiavelli!

She’d whip that sucker out from behind her back with a swiftness that inspired stronger and braver people than me to turn over and show their bellies! I was in class with the entire JV football team who thought this class would be easier than taking French. Boy were we ever wrong!

There were exactly two girls in the class…Jan H was the other female…and she was a brain.  She soaked up information like a sponge..and regurgitated it on demand.  We all hated her for making us appear even more stupid than usual.

What’s that?  You want to know what Habena means?  it means to whip! Just like Ms. Wright or a cowboy herding obstreperous cattle.


8 thoughts on “A to Z challenge, April 7, 2018 G

  1. Wow! your memory 🙂
    BTW: isn’t the letter…G?

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  2. What happened to the letter G? I think you’re getting ahead of yourself, Suze.

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    1. i don’t like G so arbitrarily changed it…………rofl. I dunno it was after 2 am when I was writing.

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    2. yup..screwed up there trying to do too much. ah well, they can just take away my badge…or make me a new one called a to z minus g!

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  3. Lol 😂 you missed G hehehe

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