can I please win the Lotto now?

I have been stuck balancing budgets for the past few days and have reached the point where I want to take my charts, bills and bankbook and throw them all away! I HATE having to budget!

I normally know exactly to the penny how much George and I have each month…his salary is not based on hours, so I know every payday exactly what he will deposit.  The danged social security is the same every month, but we never know exactly what day it goes into the bank….lovely of the government to keep us guessing each month.

Now, George has been emoting about retirement….”honey, I am tired. I’ve worked since I was 17″…or “honey, can I retire this year?  The house will be paid off”……yea, it will…and yes he has……but the man keeps spending money willy-nilly and our savings is bleeding.

George is one of those lovey men that never has a clue…he has no idea what the bank balance is, nor does he have a clue what bills we pay or when we pay them. He sees , oh say 1000 bucks in the bank and thinks “Oh goodie, I can spend 200!” all without realizing we have 989 dollars coming out in two days.

It’s enough to drive me mad!

BUT…………I figured out a way for him to almost retire…and the budget has been completed…now, we just have to implement the plan and make danged sure George’s debit card is destroyed.

And if I can manage to actually destroy his card so he can not take any money out for the next seven months, we will have the bathroom upgraded and the house paid off and the truck loan paid off all before his social security arrives!

Or we could just win the Lotto.  That way I can stop trying to budget anything at all.

11 thoughts on “can I please win the Lotto now?

  1. Sending you my best vibes for the lottery… Just make sure you buy a ticket, otherwise your chances to win get awfully bad. I should know, that’s my field of work 😛

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    1. oh crap! I have to buy a ticket? dang it all!

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      1. LOL yeah, it does increase the odds quite significantly! 😛 But you can rely on me too… I work hard on winning, and I’ll share when I finally succeed… Mouhahahaha

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  2. Regrettably the odds of winning the lottery are only very marginally improved by buying a ticket. I don’t know anybody who has won or even know anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody who has one. I don’t think so, anyway.

    Not sure if Cyranny’s line of work is in statistics or if she is one of those people who hand out massive sacks of money to people who pick the right numbers. Would it be too hard to tweak the system a little such that, miraculously, Suze and I ‘just happened’ to have the winning ticket?

    Be assured we would be responsible and in no way ostentatious with it.

    What do you think Suze? First class airfares to Paris where we could pick up a 52 week 6 star cruise following the sun around the planet? Bring George along. Then you will have 2 ‘of those lovey men who never have a clue’ to drag around.

    Are you a red Ferrari person or do you prefer the black?

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    1. oh the red would be my choice….I like the way you think! lol


  3. I won at Powerball last week. My $2 pick six paid $10! Woo hoo!

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  4. I would love to win the lottery, haha.


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  5. If only life was so simple eh! My advice destroy the credit card it was the best thing I ever did 😉

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  6. Breathing Deeply April 8, 2018 — 7:10 am

    Here’s to the hope of the lottery! In the meantime, sounds like you’ve got a great plan for retirement….thats a huge success! Most of us can’t even see it! LOL and yeah, DESTROY that credit card! ❤

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  7. Suze, I’ve got a plan that will work. I’m gonna sell body parts for extra cash. By the time the parts run out I’ll be ready to check out anyway. Run my idea by George…see what he thinks.


    1. George says he is always looking for a good finger! Go for it! lol

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