Thwarting my nemesis

There’s a vile creature in my yard….and in my attempts to thwart his destruction of our property he has been the victor several times…..I am wondering if perhaps he is smarter than I….or just dastardly or evil. Everyone knows evil is intelligent, don’t they?

Each day I find more evidence of his vile behavior……..

I am considering homicide.

George has said that is “socially unacceptable, immoral and just plain mean”, but at this point I really no longer care.

I think it is time to grab my old Louisville Slugger and beat someone to a bloody pulp.

I have only caught a photo of the perpetrator once, but that was enough to accurately identify him…and sear his image into my brain.

Next time he appears it’s over for him…I don’t think I’ll get the death penalty either. I am quite willing to take responsibility for my own actions, turn myself in to the authorities and take the consequences.

George said he’d hate to see me imprisoned…but he realizes that once my mind has been made up there is no changing it….besides…someone has to rid the world of this destructive criminal!

10 thoughts on “Thwarting my nemesis

  1. I think it would be called Scalopinaecide. 😋

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    1. oh ya just HAD to get technical, didn’t ya? LOL

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    1. ok, this made me laugh out loud!

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  2. Do you want to borrow my dog? She has caught 3 such creatures at the park near our house.

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    1. I dogs have both gone out, and barked. Barking does not kill moles yet that’s all they do. I must have defective dogs.

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  3. Just call you local……???? Ah, what the hell, throw a grenade down its hole.

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  4. Don’t feel bad. I actually stepped out onto the porch the other day to yell at a squirrel: “WTF is wrong with you?! Why are you burying your nuts in the yard NOW? It’s spring, dammit! You’re ruining the lawn!”

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  5. I feel for you… they are such destructive little beasts. My husband uses traps. I miss my dog. She was better than the traps. Now we have a ground hog to go along with all the moles. Lord help us.

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