a to z challenge, “H” April 9, 2018 and no I am not doing a “G”

*** disclaimer: yes this should be a G post to make up for the missed then turned into an H post, but it is an H post anyway. Suck it up buttercup!***


I know it’s absurd….what can I say?  Most posts I do ARE absurd, so why should this challenge be any different. Check out everyone writing in this challenge here.

So, where am I?  Oh yeah….”H”.  ARE there any Latin words beginning with H?  Let me think……I can remember a bunch of Greek words but the latin ones are sort of vanishing into an amorphous miasma in the back of my brain.

Maybe I need chocolate….or a cuppa Chai…….

Wait! I may have one.

harmonice!  There we go…perfect word for today.  I’ve been finishing the last bits and pieces of my guest/crafts/tv/office room and listening to this:

oops! I forgot to say what it means…….to harmonize!


6 thoughts on “a to z challenge, “H” April 9, 2018 and no I am not doing a “G”

  1. OK it was worth it, a good post for H. But you deffo need to write us a G post! Homework for next Sunday…..

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    1. I have a “G” post scheduled for the last day…it is titled a to z minus g! lol

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  2. Lol, I am loving your AtoZ challenge! xo

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  3. Lol, I sucked it up, just like a buttercup! 😉

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    1. you are just so cute! 😀

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