a to z challenge, April 9, 2018 “I”

the A to Z challenge, April 9, 2018  “I”



Just think of the president of the United States for a definition of this word………he is the most blatant example of this word that I have ever seen!

Now, get your minds out of the gutter.  Imparatus means ILL PREPARED.

Trump has no idea what is in the constitution, nor does he care.

He has only minimal knowledge of the law and it is from a defendant’s side of the courtroom.

He has no ability to bring people together in common cause, but is excellent at dividing.

He is uninformed, unethical and uneducated…it doesn’t matter how many times he says he is “smart” and has a “smart brain”..the man is in actuality a buffoon, an ignoramus and an idiot.


7 thoughts on “a to z challenge, April 9, 2018 “I”

  1. Trump is definitely imperatus! I actually thought it was the name of a Harry Potter spell……

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    1. I am the one remaining person on the planet that has never read a single harry potter book, nor ever seen one of the movies. lol

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      1. I read the first book and saw the first movie. I thought “meh,” and never read another Potter book or saw another Potter movie. Not so with Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” though.

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      2. I ADORE the Lord of the Rings! I read it…oh about every single year! woot!

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    1. OMG! There are TWO of us? What are the odds I wonder? lol

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  2. I never read any Harry Potter books, and only have seen bits and pieces of the first movie. Didn’t care for it.

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