water lights

One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen is the bio-luminescence of plankton in water. I lived in Florida as a newly married young woman, and when I was pregnant with my first child I had a difficult time sleeping.  The closer i got to the actual birth, the more difficult it was for me to rest and sleep.

I began getting up in the middle of the night and walking outside along the shores of the lake behind our apartment complex. We lived on the shores of Lake Suzanne in Orlando and while it wasn’t the safest place to wander at night (alligators were abundant there) I’d walk by the shoreline to relax.

On a few late summer nights the lake would glow a fantastic blue-green in places…the color and light moving from place to place near the shore.

Years later I found out it was plankton that made the light….at the time I only thought of fairies.

lake suzanne, orlando plankton in the water


8 thoughts on “water lights

  1. Lovely story! And you captured a great photo too!

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    1. it was the only picture on an entire roll of 35 mm film that came out. I am so glad it did!

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  2. Kimmy's Keto Patio April 10, 2018 — 6:46 am

    Beautiful! I would have never left! I would be so spoiled to the weather and the beauty there, maybe someday…

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    1. and the seven inch long cockroaches, the muggy wet heat, the horrendous traffic, the alligators wandering into the back yard……..yep. paradise! lol

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      1. Kimmy's Keto Patio April 15, 2018 — 1:59 pm


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  3. Wow! No wonder you thought of fairies. That had to be a magical experience. Great photo too!

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  4. Ohhh so pretty! 🙂

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