a to z challenge, April 11, 2018 J

The A to Z Challenge for 2018.

So, the letter for today is “J”……………and while there aren’t too many words in Latin that start with J there are a few…..

I chose “jocabundus”………..don’t know what that means? Let me give an example then.

“quis ambulavit in bar. psittacus sacerdos de meritis et vinum nauita certabat.”

What? that didn’t help?  sigh

“a man walked into a bar. a parrot, a priest and a sailor were arguing about the merits of wine.”

Hope that helps.

5 thoughts on “a to z challenge, April 11, 2018 J

  1. Jocabundus? Does it mean ‘joke’? Now there’s a coincidence! Love it!

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  2. it does mean joke. Cool word, isn’t it?


  3. The problem is that in Latin “i” and “j” are the same letter. You could spell this “iocabundus” as well. Not sure when it evolved…

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    1. I know they usually are…well, okay 99.999999999% of the time….but the word I used is the ONLY J word in the language…it was never iocabundas…….


  4. That’s a cool word! I’ll have to remember it. 🙂 The Mr. is always telling jokes, so now I can say ‘tell me a jocabundus’ haha!

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