I’m on a roll!

***update*** It is finished!



After going through all the furniture moving and building, you’d think I was done for a while. I thought I was……but then I got the circular saw urge.

Yea…I get these wierd urges..not for chocolates or wine..not even for a marathon TV session…but to pick up an electric or gas powered tool and build stuff.

I decided with all my scrap wood to build a small table to go next to the sofa..especially since I took apart my old one to make George an extra tall ottoman……

So, I “played” for about an hour, and this is the result…..

I thought…”well that will work” and I painted it. I checked it out next to the settee and it was four inches short….well drat!

Then, after sitting on my swing staring at it for about five minutes, I thought “I’ll just put a top on it!”


After marking where it could connect with the top “posts” I drilled pilot holes and screwed the top on..filled the little screw holes and painted it.

yes, those are two different shades of turquoise…… I don’t yet know if I want to sponge paint the base with the dark color or to free paint a bird or flowers on the top.


15 thoughts on “I’m on a roll!

  1. Sponge paint 😊 wow that looks so cool!

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    1. thank you. I am quite pleased with it


      1. I am rather jealous to be honest 😊 but I’ll survive 😉

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  2. Geeze! Thats playing? You are amazing with a saw!!! I love the turquoise!

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    1. when I first married, my brand new father-in-law gave me a router and table saw…I love them!

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  3. Free hand love birds…..it will look terrific in the cave you, me, and George are moving to on the coast of Greece.

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    1. ohhhhhhh I like that idea!

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  4. How ’bout a mosaic top? Easy to do. Pop of color. Cheap supplies. 🤔

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  5. You are so amazing! This is brilliant, and my favourite colour.

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    1. the shades remind me of a few of your pictures of the water around Greece


  6. Birds and flowers definitely

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  7. Your so creative! How do you do it! You are talented! ❤

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  8. Well this is just plain awesome! Nice job! Definitely add some decoration! It’ll be fun!

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  9. That turned out really cool! I can’t imagine myself ever doing something like building. You’re good at it. 🙂

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