a to z challenge 2018. “L”

Oh there are a bazillion Latin words that begin with an L….and choosing just ONE for the a to z challenge 2018 isn’t going to be easy!


I can hear Ms. Wright now…telling me to place my loculamentum in a particular place…presumably so I wouldn’t start looking through it for whatever I needed…or wanted.

A loculamentum is absolutely a necessity…at least it used to be. Now not so much as I have other ways of dealing with stuff…but back in high school?  oh yeah, I needed one.

Okay….on to the next letter!

What?  oh, I sort of forgot to tell you what it means, didn’t I?  OOPS?



4 thoughts on “a to z challenge 2018. “L”

  1. Purse/handbag? Seems like a long word to use for it. I’ve always carried one around, and like all kinds of them. The thing is, I like the larger ones, but then I tend to put more stuff in it. It gets heavy! 🙂

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    1. i don’t even carry one anymore. I have pockets.

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  2. Pockets are great! 🙂

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  3. Ooh, I like the fancy fringes!

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