Five things Challenge

Cyranny over at the cove nominated me for the “five things I like about myself” Challenge.  Well, THAT shouldn’t be too hard! I LIKE a bunch of stuff about myself! (roll you eyes now…go on, ya know you want to!)

There are rules for this…yes, of course there are……and HERE they are!

The rules:

  1. Thank the nominator. She already knows I am thankful for her!
  2. Display the picture on your post.
  3. List 5 things you like about yourself
  4. 1 thing must be a physical attribute.
  5. Tag 3 or more people. there is no picture….I even went backwards to the original post and there isn’t a picture. I am pretty sure whoever made up this challenge was in a wierd mood and thought “I’ll show em…tell em to use the pic then not post one! MUWAHAHAHA”.

Well there is NOW! everyone can use THIS picture from kicking cones


So, the five things I like about me…..

  1. I am empathetic.  I can place myself in anyone’s “shoes” and feel what they do about any given situation. I don’t know whether this is because I have a really huge imagination or what, but if you are hurting I can feel your pain..if you are happy I can feel your joy. it made me a really damned good counselor.
  2. I like my sense of humor.  it is a bit twisted, a bit quirkey, a bit juvenile…..But inevitably I find something to tickle my funny-bone each and every day.
  3. I like my bohemian style.  The more colors, textures, ribbons, fabrics, etc the better so far as I am concerned.
  4. I like my ability to create beautiful things from junk….or wood scraps….or pieces of fabric that no one else would want.
  5. I like the sparkle in my eyes when I hear a joke, or think of something fun to do with the five year old next door.  The spark that shows up when I am having an adventure with my friends, my pets or just hanging out on my front porch swing. The sparkle, that when someone sees it knows that I enjoy life just for life’s sake and no other reason. The sparkle that in the midst of a disaster shines out and says “it’s all gonna be okay in time”. The one that makes George say “Oh watch out, Suze is on a roll again”.

Okay, so far as tagging goes, I suppose I have to do that huh?  I have not nominated anyone, but instead nominated everyone for the last three challenges.  RATS!

Fine…THESE are my nominations!

Boldly going forward

The Snow Melts Somewhere



3 thoughts on “Five things Challenge

  1. Great take on it, Suze 🙂 And I can feel that sparkle in your eye, even through your words 🙂


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    1. love you! Thanks for tagging me!

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      1. Love you too! I’ve been more quiet, and I am waaaaay behind in my blog-following, but I keep an eye on you 🙂 xx

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