Oklahoma wildfires

Here in the northern part of the state we are in an extreme drought…and it isn’t helping that winds are blasting through with gusts up to 50 miles per hour…add to that the absolute MORONS who decide to barbecue outside, or throw away a lit cigarette butt, or drive their hot vehicle up onto dried tall grass and you end up with yesterday and today.

We have several towns being evacuated because of out of control wildfires.

My favorite state park has been decimated.

An historic railroad town is gone.

People are rushing in horses and wranglers to try to get the cattle rounded up and out of the fire’s path before they end up barbecued.

Several really special small towns west of here are gone.

My meat guy at the local grocery store is homeless today because of the fires.

And last night, at sunset, the sky was so filled with smoke that the sun was ruby red, and the sky was brown.

Oklahoma could use some prayers right about now.

13 thoughts on “Oklahoma wildfires

    1. watered my house this morning…and it is still 30 miles away. will water again this evening.

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      1. Maybe it will grow? Sorry, I have a perverted way of commiserating with people. Truly, I am concerned for you and George. Stuff can be replaced, but not wonderful people like you.

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      2. I seriously doubt we are in any danger…of course my middle name was Pollyanna until my parents woke up and changed it…lol

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  1. I watched that shot on the news last night of the fires. I am so sorry. I am in Nichols Hills and we are just getting the out of control winds. Be safe and we are praying for our neighbors!!

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    1. stay safe there as well. thunderstorms around OKC are nothing to sneeze at! You live in a gorgeous area BTW!

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      1. It is pretty. I miss the country though. Be careful!!

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  2. I am so sorry to hear of this news

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  3. Sorry to hear about the fires destroying homes, towns and parks. It’s been the same around here, but as far as I know nothing but dry land was burned. The wind and sand have been awful.

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  4. OMG this is so brutal! I feel so bad for all of the people affected by the fires. This wind is insane and it didn’t die down during the night. Stay safe Suze!

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    1. watered the house again this morning. small fire near enid but it was put out quickly..the woodward ones continue their march north and east though. will keep people posted.

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