a to z challenge, “M”

a to z challenge 2018

I, somehow, have managed to remember enough Latin to get me about halfway through the challenge…..okay, so maybe it is a third! Sheesh! I can’t get away with anything with you people, can I?

Okay, so the letter for the day is “M” and I suppose I can’t use the Ms. in Ms. Wright’s name, can I?

yea, Ms. is NOT Latin! It is actually French…okay, stay on track Suze….M in LATIN.


I always liked this word…it has three totally different meanings depending upon which noun is used…..crazy huh?  Latin really doesn’t make much sense, but that is probably because it was a NONSPOKEN language…Italian was the language of Rome..well actually all of italy. LATIN was the government’s written language. So it thoroughly confuses me to know that the Roman Church still uses Latin in their Liturgy…it isn’t supposed to be spoken.

Back to Mapale…it means either “a hut” (like a mud hut), a “useless thing”  or “a house of ill repute”! Yep, there it is! I LOVE that Mapale means a whorehouse! 

7 thoughts on “a to z challenge, “M”

  1. your really good with latin words! 😀 xx

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  2. ….and now we know the rest of the story

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  3. Love this! I’ll use that word in something I write!

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    1. Hey Dylan, how are things going? haven’t seen you in forever!


      1. Pretty good! I’ve been busy with everything, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

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      2. good to see you again, and looking forward to reading your next post! 😀


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