I just realized…….

That today is Sunday! Yep, it is and it’s half over and I haven’t “accomplished” a blessed thing……

Ya know when people have told me that Sunday is supposed to be a ‘day of rest, it says so in the Bible. Even God rested”……..I want to smack them! I do! I’ll admit it, those people either have no danged idea what they are speaking of or they are male.

Now, I have absolutely NOTHING against the male of the species…BUT, when they say something so irrational I just want to turn into Psycho-Suze and wop em with a baseball bat!

Day of rest my patootie!  This is the very FIRST Sunday in donkey’s years that I haven’t had to:

  1. clean the entire house
  2. cook a huge family meal
  3. wash all the danged dishes after that meal
  4. pour soda’s or assorted other drinks for the football/baseball/basketball/soccer/boxing/Olympics/skiing/WHATEVER sports watchers camped out in front of the boob tube
  5. Cook ANOTHER huge family meal
  6. wash the second set of dishes after that second meal
  7. take the dogs for a walk
  8. sweep the floors
  9. take out the trash
  10. pack up all the left-over food for assorted children and/or spouses and/or children

and somehow manage to get to bed sometime before Monday rolls around.


Well, today was that day. I have done absolutely NOTHING that I personally did not wish to do.

I read a short story while lazily drinking my first cup of coffee.

I made cinnamon rolls because I wanted one.

I hemmed a pair of jeans because I wanted to.

I decorated my shelf…again because I wanted to.

I sang at the top of my lungs my favorite songs and thought if I annoyed anyone, that was just too danged bad…but that was their problem.

I made a set of curtains that I wanted.

Frankly, this day of “rest” felt so good, I am planning on doing it again tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “I just realized…….

  1. A day of rest? You’ve done so much stuff! But I’m glad it was stuff that you wanted to do for yourself. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Kimmy's Keto Patio April 15, 2018 — 11:40 am

    Wow, you still got a lot done even if it was cause YOU wanted to! Did you see my text to you about the mole stake? Check it out, I saw them in my ALDI circular. 😊
    We had to get Dave ready for an out of town trip which he just left for. So 2 loads of laundry, he cooked me meat for a whole week, and then he mowed, packed, and chlorinated the pool! Now I have a week to work on whatever I can get done between appointments and my job! 😊

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  3. your Dave is such a sweetie. yes, I did see the text..and I went to our local aldis to check them out. thanks hun.


  4. I hope one thing you read was today’s “mydangblog” Ilaughed so hard I cried! 🌸

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    1. OMG…I nearly died…….


  5. Good for you, life is meant to be enjoyed not endured 😉

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    1. i just added some dangling beads on a ribbon, I know you know what I mean) to my shelves..it looks so pretty now!

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      1. I bet it does, you are very creative 😊

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  6. Suze, why do you think God created himself male? So that he could take a day off on Sundays and watch baseball with the sweet lil Mrs. God cooking dinner. Jeeeeez

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    1. she shoulda smacked Him one for doing it and starting the whole thing! roflmao!

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      1. Yeah, she should have sent him to his SHED.

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