Le it Bleed Challenge, number 14

Okay, Saumya…whats with the word Mystery?  Huh? It’s a mystery to me why ya think mystery is a good enough prompt for the challenge.

I mean, really…..what KIND of mystery?  A murder Mystery?  Maybe something a la Agatha Christie?  Or maybe a Sherlock Holmes one?  Except I can no longer think about Agatha without immediately seeing a Dr Who episode,


and Benedict Cumberbatch whenever I think Sherlock


…no Mystery to either one of those particular thoughts.



6 thoughts on “Le it Bleed Challenge, number 14

  1. Just laughing here!! Clever girl! 😉

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    1. yes, very clever 😛

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  2. Hahaa… You actually bounced back the prompt at me 😛
    There’s a lot of mystery everywhere. Life itself is a mystery 🙂

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    1. how did I bounce it back I wonder? lol

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      1. Haha.. you wonder a lot 😛

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