a to z challenge, “O”

Oh dear, Suze is still at this month’s challenge! Whatever shall we do?  I guess, I don’t know about you after all, but I am going to write a post. Hopefully it makes sense to someone other than me.

So, today’s letter is “O”….


Okay, so we know by the “us” at the end of the word it is a single item or idea and it is male, and it goes next to a female word… if it had an “ae” on the end it would be female and go next to a male word. Aren’t you glad I took Latin?

Now Latin, like Spanish makes no blasted sense with the dumb male/female connotations.  You’d think OFFRENATUS would be OFFRENATAE instead, but NOOOOOOOOOO.

And Ms. Wright was a total failure at explaining why one word was male and another female, so I have no explanation for you. See how education works? First a teacher somewhere has to know what he or she is talking about, then WE learn it.

Obviously Ms. Wright didn’t learn about male and female stuff so she could pass it on to us. Or she DID learn it but only taught the guys in my class.

Back to what the word is though….are you confused yet?

Let me give you a hint (or seven)..

1.  Offrenatus is an adjective….and we know it is male so it goes with a female in reality.  No reason why, ask Ms. Wright.

2. It describes something female.

3. Elizabeth Taylor made a really really BAD one of these…or a really good one.

Still don’t get it?

lemme draw you a picture (or just copy and paste one) 

No, not the shrew!  it’s a adjective!  TAMING!

Ok, so I suck as a Latin teacher. At least I tried.

8 thoughts on “a to z challenge, “O”

  1. Thank you Ms Latin Teacher for imparting more of your Latin knowledge on us. I always wonder why, if it was only a written language, why did they make it so darn complicated for themselves?

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  2. because they were idiots?


  3. That’s OK. I suck as a Latin student.

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  4. Ooooooooooooooo my goooooooodness. There ya go….that’s my “O” for today.

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  5. You certainly offrenatused my curiosity 😁.

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