a to z challenge, “P”

Is anyone else wishing they had actually chosen a GOOD theme?  No?  Just me huh?  Alrighty then, on to the letter “P” in the a to z challenge 2018!

Latin.  the letter “P”……sigh……think law or medicine and something will occur to me to write about.   Maybe.  Possibly…..

I was hoping that I could actually offer something paedagogicus, but I stink at teaching anyone anything………..oh wait!  Was that?  YES IT WAS!

WOOT! And this post is DONE!

6 thoughts on “a to z challenge, “P”

  1. I’m loving your theme!

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  2. I wish I’d chosen a better theme. Next year I go without and just do full blown Stream of of Consciousness. I like yours though. Just one mire language to learn besides Dutch, Spanish and French. But that’s Duolingo and not half as fun as your Latin 👍😁

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    1. your theme is fine though…..I am pretty sure we all of us think our themes stink and we should have chosen better. I know life would be easier if I wasn’t dredging up memories of my least favorite teacher and least favorite language! lol


      1. Maybe it’s an act cleansing bad memories? 😊

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  3. Suze, how do we peasants know you are not swearing like a sailor in Latin???


    1. oh, I can do that too……new blog just for new shall be how to swear in latin! lol

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