cursing like an old crusty Roman

My bloggery bud Larry Paul Brown asked “Suze, how do we peasants know you are not swearing like a sailor in Latin?”…so of course now I need to teach everyone how to swear in Latin.

“Damnare autem spiritus canis ignominae”    

This is the first curse I learned.  It wasn’t in Ms. Wright’s class but in my college Latin 111 class. We had a wonderful professor who would curse soundly when we were late, or failed to traslate appropriately.  he then would force us to translate his curses! I adored him!

That first one?  It says “Damn you vile dog breath!”  Isn’t that great?  I’ve always wanted to use that curse against …well, never mind.

The second curse I actually remember is :

“Ego te iacere sub animo esse a daemonibus ostendantur!”

Basically you are damning someone to hell..although it is far more interesting than just saying go to hell.  It is “I throw your soul to the demons below”.  isn’t that horrible?  I LOVE it!

Basic, run of the mill, everyday curse words are these:

Damn = damnare

Hell = infernum

Go to Hell = abi in malam rem!

Shit = excrementum


The more I look at them, the more I think they lose their effectiveness in Latin.

5 thoughts on “cursing like an old crusty Roman

  1. Hmmmm, I see great potential here in political discourse. What’s the Latin for pompous orange buffoon?

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    1. inceptis gravibus aurantiaco scurra Atticus

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  2. Haha! Colourful curses – a good reason to learn the language.

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    1. I try to learn the curse words in any language first. It came in handy when a Spanish teacher of my son’s called me a whore and I could report her to the principal………

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  3. That sounds rather posh. I should add Latin to my language learning bucket list 😁

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