How to scramble a scammer

This is a sort of public service announcement…or it could just be Suze letting a genie out of its bottle.either way, let my experience be a lesson in what to should you too receive a scam phone call about your computer.

For the past month, every other day or so I have been receiving phone calls from “Microsoft support”.  The phone rings and a long distance number pops up. I (of course) write down the number before I answer…I AM on a limited minutes phone system and like to keep track.

The calls have been from California, Missouri, Arizona, New Mexico and New York…so far.

The conversation always goes in the same basic direction.

Phone rings…I answer “hello”

A young person’s voice in a strong Indian or Asian (depending) accent says “This is Bob, Sheila, Sadie, James or Neville from Microsoft Support Assistance”  “Your computer has sent a signal to us that there is a problem with…some unintelligible something-or-other.  We have to connect to your computer using our remote servers to fix the issue. SO YOU WON’T GET SCAMMED!”

I say something along the lines of “and what is my operating system?”  and after a few mumbles the response is “it doesn’t matter. All computer systems are the same and your computer needs to be fixed. Are you sitting at your computer now so we can fix it?”

I generally begin again and say “since you do not know what system I use, and they are all different, I won’t be connecting thanks”…at which point they become quite rowdy.

I have been told “You are stupid not to let us fix your computer. it only takes a minute now go sit down”.

I have been cursed at, yelled at, told I am stupid, told my computer is full of viruses, called a dumb bitch, and once told they would find where I live and take the computer”.

Now, I KNOW they are scammers.  From the very first call. For one thing, my son’s best friend works at Microsoft in Austin, Texas and is a software and technical service support person who daily solves peoples problems with their systems.  Matt has never once called anyone to tell them they had a problem. Microsoft NEVER calls their customers unless it is requested by the customer.

Genrally I just ask them politely to stop calling me.  This morning though I was totally fed up with one person “Sadie” who would not stop.  I finally blew a whistle into the phone, then said ‘do I have your attention? Good. I am notifying you that this call has been recorded by the NSA and my local police department.  They are now going to a judge for a search warrant. You will be found. have a good day” and hung up the phone.

So, if you receive a wierd phone call from any “Microsoft support” and you have not requested the call, these guys are scammers and not working for Microsoft.

And, if you get a call form any of the following numbers (US stateside) hang up. It’s Bob,Sheila, Sadie etc trying to scam you out of something.










22 thoughts on “How to scramble a scammer

  1. I never answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number. If it’s a legitimate call, they will leave a message. If they don’t, well, too bad. They don’t get to talk to me! Besides, I’ve stored all of the legitimate numbers in my phone so it tells me who’s calling. Also, my phone identifies some calls as “scam likely”. That’s pretty cool.

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    1. if I had a clue how to organize the numbers in this blasted thing I would do the same. Unfortunately I have zero understanding of the use of the stupid thing….and my grand daughter just laughs at me when I ask for instructions…….lol

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      1. 🙂 I’m good with that sort of thing… but I’m a terrible teacher. I usually say, ‘just let me do it!’ because I get frustrated so easily… lol

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      2. so..I should mail you my stupid phone and you can fix it?????? rofl okay then, send me your address, phone number, social security number, place of employment bank account numbers and your firstborn….

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  2. Thanks for the warning. We don’t answer any number we don’t recognize as from a relative. We do get a lot of those strange area codes, and places we don’t know anyone there. Nope, not gonna answer. Glad we have caller ID! 😉

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  3. I have an app called Hiya which tells me if the call is a scam, spoof, IRS scam, robocaller or whatever! I have been getting the 5+ times a day since last week. Thank God I have the app-i just decline the call!

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  4. I have an app called Hiya which tells me if the call is a scam, spoof, IRS scam, robocaller or whatever! I have been getting the 5+ times a day since last week. Thank God I have the app-i just decline the call!

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  5. We get them too on and off and I just say: “no thanks” and hang the phone up. At times I said: “I know your a scammer good bye” either way works well 😁

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  6. I also do not answer unless I recognize the number. And guess what? I don’t miss any important calls.

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    1. heck, I don’t even GET any important calls…….roflmao

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  7. We have these in the UK, my partner use to work in a computer shop, a guy bought in his computer because he had had one of these calls, all in all he lost nearly a grand before figuring it was a scam and then had to pay to get the virus/malware out of his system

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    1. dang good thing I never go along with phone callers then….lol

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      1. It can be really bad and because you have willingly handed over the money there is nothing the banks will do

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  8. My mother kept getting unwanted calls at all times of the day so she rang her phone provider who have put a phone block on her phone. When I ring a recorded message asks me to say my name and then key in a number which they give me! It takes forever 😤 I have started amusing myself by giving false names like Micky mouse or Donald Duck 🦆

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    1. I laughed out loud at that!

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  9. Good for you Suze! I get these all the time. That frigging Rachael from Card Services (recording)…I hate her! The other day the caller ID said it was the local post office! I don’t know how they get to do that. Once I got a call that the ID said was from myself… ???

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    A warning to all out there, scammers are still trying some of the oldest tricks in the book

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    REBLOG: This has happened to me as well, at least three if not five times a week. Thank you, to Suzi of “Suziland too or Obsolete Childhood” for sharing this information.

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