a to z challenge, 2018 “S”

the a to z challenge is almost over! Dang….I know this because I am beginning to run out of letters.

So, I am officially up to the letter “S” in the challenge, and so far Ms. Wright (that horrendous harridan of a Latin teacher) would be….okay, so she wouldn’t exactly be proud. She’d probably say “It’s about time you learned something in this class”. Let’s face it, Ms. Wright was a witch with a capital B..but I digress. The letter is S not B…

Now all I can think of are Latin words starting with a B…dag nab it.  If Ms Wright were in front of me I would say

Ms Cicero, discipulum semidoctum abs te, mihi solus!!

which means, but in the nicest possible way….”Ms. Wright I was only half-taught by you!”

3 thoughts on “a to z challenge, 2018 “S”

  1. Susie…I’m not totally sure where you were going with this post, but for some odd reason, it still gave me a chuckle. Maybe it’s the witch of a teacher part. Although I couldn’t think of any, I did take the time to flash back to my school days. Oh look at that! The word “school” starts with an “S”, as does your name, and a few other words I plugged in here. Oh now I get it. Mission accomplished!

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    1. you did an excellent job while saying you didn’t know where I was going…….lol

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      1. You gave me a chuckle, so I gave you one too. What’s fair is fair…lol

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