a to z challenge, “T”

One of the things that used to annoy me during Latin class, was Ms. Wright spouting off a sentence…IN LATIN..and offering no explanation. She’d frown at us if we didn’t understand and react appropriately within just a few seconds. Of course NONE of us ever knew what the heck she wanted.

By the time we figured out the first statement of the year, the school year was half gone and we were incredibly behind.

The letter for today’s a to z challenge is T though and one of her statements fits right in with the challenge……

“ego dicam quidquid transferendum”

yep, there’s my T word….

oh heck, now I suppose you want me to actually translate that, don’t you? sigh


“translate whatever I say”

except if one reads that sentence they way we read English it says “I say whatever translated”. Yea, Latin is wierd.

4 thoughts on “a to z challenge, “T”

  1. Google Translate says it means “I am, whatever I will say to the transfer of.” It translates the words fine, just not into idiomatic English.


  2. I like that part ‘quidquid’. Now, instead of saying ‘whatever’ to someone, I’ll say ‘quidquid’! 🙂

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    1. there ya go! I love the expression on people’s faces when I say it…they are always so completely bumfuzzled! lol

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  3. haha Bumfuzzled! That’s a good word, too, and we say it all the time. 🙂

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