Dealing with Trumpians………

Actaually I could have said Trump and left it at that in the title.

I have found myself wanting to arm myself with bats and chains at times over the incredible stupidity and just plain meanness of our so called President, and/or his followers. On any given day the reports of his pathetic tweets, his rages over “fake news” usually aimed at Pulitzer prize winners, his extreme hatred of anyone that disagrees with him, his name calling and general bullying cause me to want to do inappropriate things.

It was becoming so upsetting that I had to find a way to defuse my own anger………….so………

I started watching youtube.  yes, I did. George pointed out to me that all kinds of interesting things can be found there.

So I looked…and decided that Suziland (that space where I go in my own brain to refuel and recharge) can be filled with a President that I admired. One that was classy, intelligent and soft spoken…one who adored his family and has character.

And now, when I hear another newscast about the orange baboon in chief once again showing his ass, I turn this on.

13 thoughts on “Dealing with Trumpians………

  1. That sounds like an excellent plan. I should try it!

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  2. is he going to get fired out of office? I heard he was. for fraud, and they are investigating his kids now too I hear? madness! what a jerk he is trump. xx

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    1. we can only hope he is “fired”..impeachment is looking more and more like a reality. His children are complicit it seems in all the illegal shenanigans. what a mess we have. sigh


  3. That was terrific. And reiterates my point that it’s not necessarily his legislation, or attempts at such, that I despise….though I don’t agree with or support at all, by the way. It’s the fact that he’s a HORRIBLE human being. That’s my major problem with the Trumpster Fire. Such an asshole. Barack Obama? The exact opposite. A dignified, empathetic, self-effacing, compassionate, and poised human being…regardless of his politics.

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    1. I have to disagree with you there, sonofabeach96. For one thing, it’s not an either/or with Trump; it’s an all-of-the-above situation. However, Trump’s horrible personality, behavior, and views serve as the cherry on top of a crappy sundae.

      Never discount Trump’s policies, because those are what’s hurting people to most. Even if we get rid of Trump, the truth is a President Pence would have the same policies yet he would be more efficient at implementing those disastrous policies.

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      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I despise his politics, and Pence would be far worse. Far worse. I’m no fan of either. And as a life-long, dyed in the wool, liberal Democrat, I generally hate republican policy, no matter who the politician is. But this guys personality, his crass behavior, lack of class, lack of any shred of decency or compassion or empathy is nauseating. Midterm elections can’t come soon enough. My wish is that voters display their disdain for the GOP and it’s pathetic complicity with the worst president in the history of this country, and remove those up for re-election from office, effectively eliminating Trumps ability to pass shitty legislation.

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  4. This video made my morning!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. wasn’t it great? I love it!

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  5. Trumpianism – a condition of the heart manifested by greed, bigotry, selfishness, narcissism, cowardice, hatred, and delusion. It is incurable but can be brought into submission by a healthy enema and an unabashed session of KICK ASS. I’ve got the enema covered, 2018 election has the kick ass.

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  6. This is my favorite episode of the series!

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