a to z challenge 2018, “U”

okay…so by now everyone should know what the a to z challenge is and how it works…so I get to just post my nonsense…in this case my nonsense might need translation.

So…I managed through hard work, dedication and extreme dilligence (yea right) to the letter “U”…………

I guess I could use UBER….how many people actually use UBER???? Did you know that UBER means TEAT???? yup..yer riding around in someone’s boob, baby! sorry, sorry….couldn’t resist. I have been behaving appropriately throughout the entire challenge and just couldn’t control it anymore.

The U word I really adore is


Isn’t it great?  I just love this word. oh, right…basically it means “in every conceivable situation”………I like throwing it out there in front of my grand kids…..they giggle for a minute at the sound of it, but know it means they can do or have whatever they want…after all Granny’s are good like that.


3 thoughts on “a to z challenge 2018, “U”

  1. what a word! a mouthful! for sure!

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    1. it is my absolute favorite word…ever!


  2. Good meaning to the word, but such a tongue twister. I can’t even manage to say it to myself! 🙂

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