ten prompts one post

Holy Crap! I missed a LOT of daily prompts!

They don’t seem to blend together, either…so how am I supposed to create ONE post from ten dissimilar words? Just to give you an idea of what I am considering, these are the words I missed so far this month:

Bestow, Partake, Crank, Song, Deplete, Mallet, Authentic, Glimmer, Thwart, Parallel


His secretary opened the door and said “the advertising department needs that song”

James was used to working on a deadline, but he knew this time he was going to completely miss it. He was used to cranking out songs that sounded great to the idiots in the advertising department. They had never yet realized he plagiarized each and every tune.

Those morons wouldn’t recognize an authentic tune if it hit them over the head with a mallet! So this assignment should have been easy….yet he had no idea how he was going to complete it.

Somehow, he had to thwart the mind block he had going on today. he needed the extra commission from this assignment to pay off the creeps he owed a fortune to. He supposed he could bestow one of his own songs, but why show even a glimmer of his genius to them? It would be such a waste.

James told his secretary he was “out for a coffee” and headed down the street to a little cafe. He could partake of a cheese danish with that new coffee they were pushing.

It usually had the radio on to an oldies station that gave him the lines he needed. As he opened the door and stepped inside he felt dizzy for a moment and missed the step.  He tripped and began falling…suddenly everything was gray and fading..he felt nauseous and broke out in a cold sweat.  He vaguely felt his head slam into the floor before he passed out completely.

When he awoke, he was back in his office.  The date was yesterday on his calendar and the clock showed he had just started his workday. His secretary opened the door and said “The advertising department needs that song”.

James had fallen into a parallel universe.

6 thoughts on “ten prompts one post

  1. Hey, you did it! A fun story, and got all the words in there. 🙂

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    1. I am still amazed I managed to get all the prompts into a semi-intelligent story………lol

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  2. Not bad! 10 prompts plus a lot of other words!

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  3. Kimmy's Keto Patio April 24, 2018 — 10:49 am

    Great use of all the prompts Suze! You are a wonderful storyteller!

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  4. perfect well done suze! xo

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