a to z challenge, “V”

a to z challenge, 2018…..yep. almost done. down to the wire. only a bit more………..how many more euphemisms can I find?

Todays’ letter is “V”.  Now Latin has only 47 bazillion words that start with V. Yes it does…I counted them!

Okay, that was a total lie…I counted the ones listed in the back of my high school Latin book about ten bazillion years ago and came up with “there’s a LOT!”. I know, I should just PICK one already and get to it.

But……where to start?

I don’t want to pick a non-word-of-a-word like Via and do that……everyone can figure out Via…and know it is a street, cause it is a street in other languages too. See? boring!

So I need to pick a V word that will interest everyone…even the guys that read this tripe…….

Time to get those minds out of the gutter now!

Vacua (masculine is Vacuum)

Here…let me give you a sentence to show exactly what it could mean………..

BUCINUM capitis vacuum est, et non est dignus spongem.   

(loosely translated as “Trump is an airhead and not worthy of even being a sponge”.)


2 thoughts on “a to z challenge, “V”

  1. how about an amoeba? sponge is too highly developed to describe trump

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  2. he doesn’t have enough brain cells to be considered an amoeba………..sorry.


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