Sam discusses….doctors and nurses

Never ask a six year old to elaborate…they will always give way too much information.

All quotes are as close to the way Sam speaks as I can misspell them>>>>>>>>

Sam had a birthday recently so I have to stop calling him the five year old.  As he put it so succinctly this morning…”Granma Suze, I am grownded up biggest now!”

I’d hate to think how much more “grownded up” he will be at seven…probably too old and mature to have such wonderful conversations with me.

Sam had a doctor’s appointment today.  He somehow conned his mother into signing him up for Karate classes and needed a physical in order to attend classes. I have to admit he is absolutely adorable in his tiny “ghee”..those all white pajama looking suits with the colorful belts.  His belt is white and three times his height in length….when he wraps it around his waist it looks as if he has a tire around his waist…but I digress.

After his appointment Sam came barreling over to show me his karate outfit and show off some fancy moves he is planning on teaching his teacher.

Sam said “Gramma Suze! The doctor was a gril! A GRIL! AND the doctor’s nurse was a boy just like Grampa George! They are so cool!”

I said “well Sam, you know ladies can be doctors or nurses and so can men, right?”

Sam looked at me as if I were stupid and said “well YEA, she smelled really good like candy and flowers BUT doctors are mean old men that smell bad…like they are hopsitals or live there!”

I asked “doctors smell like hospitals?”  Sam replied “ bad medicine and pine sol”

I couldn’t help giggling at the mention of Pine Sol….

I asked, “so did you do anything special at the doctor’s office?”  and Sam (still throwing out pretend karate moves and nearly tripping over his own feet) said “yea, I standed on the scale and busted it, then I got to have a shot in my BOTTOM!!! It was cause I broke the scale…they use it for fat ladies and I busted it”

I asked “how did you break a scale, Sam? You are not that big”

Sam replied, “it mighta been cause I standed on it when the fat lady did and she screamed cause she gained 30 pounds and started stomping around and I tripped and falled into her then she falled into the man nurse and HE falled on the scale and it falled onto the door when the lady doctor was coming out and she yelled are you okay at the fat lady who yell-ded at her, and that fat lady was BAD and I said she was, then the nurse gots me a Popsicle”

“I like man nurses.  They give shots that you CAN’T EVEN FEEL!”

I said “well, it sounds like you had a busy morning.”

Sam said he had to “go home and eat an ickle sammich”…I couldn’t resist and said “an ickle sandwich? What is that?”

I got one of those looks…you know the ones.  A kid looks at you as if you are the stupidist person on the planet and there is just no hope for you,  yea THAT look…and said “gramma is a sammich with ickles ons it”

I have to admit, since Sam went home I have been searching the internet for a definition of “ickle sammich”….and have got exactly nowhere.

7 thoughts on “Sam discusses….doctors and nurses

  1. Funny and cute😀

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  2. I can relate to Sam. I get those looks all the time…..stupidest person on the planet. Thanks for the chuckles

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  3. Hihihihihiii I would count on pickle 😁

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  4. he’s a riot! hahaha an ickle sandwich! very cute!

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  5. Was it a pickle sandwich or maybe a little sandwich. Loved this story, please keep us informed of his progress 😊

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  6. Well, now I have to make one of those ickle sandwiches…

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