a to z challenge 2018, “W”

Well, this is embarrassing…there IS no W in Latin. Well, not in old Latin anyway. Church Latin has “W’s” but only because Italian had some and I guess the Church fathers really wanted to use a couple… they DID have double V’s though so being a “latin scholer” almost worthy of Ms Wright’s ruler smacks I shall use the double “VV”

So…since Latin (true Roman governmental ledger-written Latin) had no W.  There wasn’t a W anywhere at the time…only in much later years (like 200 ace) did the church start using a W in their Latin Liturgy so then everyone started using it.

Okay, everyone DIDN’T start using a W, but you get the drift…it took a while to be used…..much like this post is taking a while to make sense.

so, a word beginning with a double V….and no I am not going to use VV……there is no VV in numbers either. That would be an X………where was I?

ohh, I have one! let’s see if anyone can figure out what this word means!


pronounced “woor men chia”   No clues? here’s a hint:

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  1. Cool! I’m gonna tell my grand daughter this one too, along with quidquid. She’s taking a Spanish speaking class now, so why not throw some Latin in there too! 😉

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