a to z challenge, “X”

I can’t believe I have almost finished the a to z challenge for this April! Today’s letter is “X”…sort of an X marks the spot of a day……..

Okay Ms. Wright is probably spinning in her grave by now…if she’s planted. She said once she wanted to be frozen then sent into space………she said “that way I KNOW none of you idiots will be there to bother me”. I don’t think there are any cadavers in space yet……….

Yes, she was that rude…….maybe it is why we actually tried to lean something so she wouldn’t point out our idiocies to our classmates.

What was I talking about?  Oh yea! X!!


This is something I never was..nor never really cared to be.  I am a klutz, so it just doesn’t make sense for me to try. I can trip over dust balls..my own feet…absolutely nothing! I have been known to fall UPSTAIRS!  So, Xysticae are not for me.

In high school, I must admit I tried.  I would dress out and expend tons of energy, sweat and tears in the attempt…and never managed to control my movements enough to look anything other than a complete dweeb.

Have a clue? Boy, you should by now.

Let me give just a few examples then:





yea…sports. I did the unthinkable and blog about that of which I have zilch experience or knowledge! I guess now I have to change my abour me page as I swore I would NEVER talk sports!

3 thoughts on “a to z challenge, “X”

  1. well…to be fair…you didn’t ‘talk about sports’…you talked about your klutziness so that’s different. 😉

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  2. oh BLESS you for that! what a relief!


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