a to z challenge 2018, “Y”

a to z challenge, and it is the letter “Y”.  Only one more post after this one. Dang, I can’t believe it is almost over! I hope that my Latin posts have been at the very least not-boring for people. I’ve kind of enjoyed thinking about high school…not Ms. Wright, (never her!) but the classes and my classmates were fun.

Onward to Y.

This should be a really short post…I am pretty sure there is just one word in Latin that begins with a Y.  That would be


Yep, pretty sure that is the only one.  I know! I did the same thing back in High School when I realized the vocabulary for the letter has a single word written down.  Would it be an incredibly wonderful word? Something having to do with being a Caesar maybe? Nope….

It means “gape”.  yea…like to stare at something looking like a total twit with one’s mouth hanging open. What a completely sucky word.

At least I can feel better that a Y exists…after all, they used 2 v’s for a w!

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