One day A to Z minus G challenge…for Fandango!!

Now, everyone should understand by now (if you’ve been paying attention) that i tend to do things just a bit….well, differently.  it isn’t that I am incapable of following directions…I am able to complete’s just that I get a bit bored actually.

I have never enjoyed doing the same thing as everyone else…I have often been accused of not just marching to a different drummer but adding in a kazoo and accordion band as well.

So…since I completed the A to Z Challenge for this year, but have a humongous glitch in the first week (I forgot G) I decided to complete the ONE DAY A TO Z MINUS G CHALLENGE!

There is just one post…….and it is a post about the letter G.

I attempted to write in in the style of a Latin Limerick….but as the verbs are always the last word in a Latin sentence nothing rhymed! Maybe I should post it anyway so you can see what I mean.

“G” is for Grammatica!

Yea…..I did go there.  The one thing I truly hate about writing…those pesky rules of Grammar. Seems the poor Romans had to deal with it as well. I can see some poor kid, toga stained with his spilled lunch, being forced to write declensions and provide the proper grammar for this unspoken language. What a pain in the patootie that had to have been.

Seems an appropriate word to complete the challenge with (oh CRAP…That was a dangling participial!)

What? oh the Latin Limerick? Seriously?

non de adhuc puer et erat cum natucket,

et exspuens situlae et fovendi.

interrogavit eum si quid,

cogitavit dicitur enim curram,

sub ubere matris suæ
quæ cum situla spledid laceratum iuvenis tergum.

See? it just doesn’t work.



8 thoughts on “One day A to Z minus G challenge…for Fandango!!

  1. A) I’m so happy I discovered he notification hitting because it means I don’t miss your posts.
    B) This is like a picture I just saw of a memorial on a bench (I thought it was so funny that I sent it to my Mum!). It read “in loving memory of Nicole who never saw a dog and didn’t smile”. 😂

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  2. Thanks for the Latin lesson every day – I enjoyed learning again what I have long forgotten!

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    1. you are very welcome..and I am quite sure Ms. Wright will come back to haunt me over this challenge! lol


  3. I never took Latin in school and after reading your A to Z Challenge posts, I’m glad I opted to take French instead. But as to your out-of-order G-post, all I can say is you did a GREAT job. Plus, all of your posts for this challenge were G-rated!

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  4. thanks sweetie. I pondered translating the limerick but since it was a G rated post, I figured I had better not! lol


  5. It’s easier to write Latin poetry in dactylic hexameter, anyway. I know what that limerick is, by the way. 😉

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