My buddy Knurly……

sent me a link to a blog.

As I was reading the absolute DRIVEL of it I had an intense desire to leave abruptly…..basically it was a person explaining BIBLICALLY why people needed to stay in abusive relationships because it was GOD’S plan.

So, before I let loose on the poor idiot writer I left.

Sometimes there are just no words that are scathing enough…logical enough..condescending enough to leave as a remark.

First I was annoyed because this person’s writing seemed rational but was spouting irrational advice.

Then I was angered by the announcement as if from ON HIGH that God designed women to put aside their own thoughts, dreams and desires and kowtow to their husbands.

Then I was enraged when the writer stated baldly that women needed to just pray for the abuser and love him out of his bad behavior!

Oh this dude spouted out both old and new testament quotations to “prove’ his point of view, all of them taken out of context and all of them interpreted to show he was correct.

I HATE it when people do that! He felt he was an authority on the Bible because he has read it all the way through several times, and thus could pontificate and interpret it correctly for everyone else.

Sorry, I have read Jane Eyre several times ALL THE WAY THROUGH but I am not an English Literature scholer, nor would I ever say I was.

He proudly proclaimed he was “Baptist” and everything he was spouting was Biblically TRUE.  If this garbage is what “Baptists” are preaching then leave me far, far away from it. It has sure changed (if it is REALLY what that branch of Christianity thinks) since I attended a Free Will Baptist church. By the way, thank YOU, Brother Ronnie S. for NEVER preaching that it is a wife’s duty to have sex with her husband regardless of circumstances and that it is required she stay in an abusive relationship!

I realize I am ranting but I am SO ANGRY that people advise women or men to remain in a relationship that harms them and then calls it Biblically correct!

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  1. And what’s worse is he will see your comment and it will go right over his asinine head. The world harbors some truly deranged people.

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    1. isn’t that the absolute truth?

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  2. What in the name of all that is… I almost want to find this persons blog just so I can articulate to him just how far up his rear end he has his head. I am beyond disgusted, but I’ve been told by religious people in the past that one should stay with their significant other, regardless of how badly you might be treated, because it is “God’s Will”. This being in spite of the fact that I am atheist… A lot of people seem to espouse this as fact, moral obligation, and a requirement the moment one connects their loins to another.

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    1. that was my reaction hun…I want so badly to write something..the really angering part (to me anyway) was seeing how many compliments he was receiving on his post..such praise for telling the truth! I was sickened by it!

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      1. That is absolutely abhorrent … So… Sickening, really. I cannot believe that people actually believe this drivel… People often wonder why the world is going to, and pardon my language but this is often how its phrased, “Hell In A Hand Basket”, it is literally because of crap like this. People spouting off nonsense and being praised for talking out their rear end.

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  3. I also find those views to be cruel. We all deserve the very best relationships possible. I do not even care to entertain those people with my verbal opposition. It is somewhat of an inner comfort to me knowing Christ himself said that he came to bring a sword not peace. Including husband against wife in order to break the bonds that were abusive. Those bonds had no love, compassion, kindness or anything else that makes marriages work.

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  4. Dang it, Suze, is them the same Baptisits that says trump is our country’s Savior sent by God hisself? YessireeBob, they’s everywhere trashing the Lord’s word, ain’t they?

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    1. why can’t they read the Bible and sop throwing bigoted interpretations into it? egads!

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      1. Sorry Suze, Gabby gets his undies all twisted up in a wad sometimes over religion. EEEEEEEEEHAW

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  5. People have used many religious texts and beliefs to further their personal agenda. I don’t like it either.

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  6. God, the Bible, and religion…the foundation of wrongheadedness and corruption.

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