well rats. I missed Wednesday again!

***disclaimer*** written when my back went out and I was highly medicated….someone asked for it. Probably Larry. He can be evil that way!  Observe, if you will the insanity of a medicated brain

I have this Wednesday music thing I have been trying to maintain, and I keep forgetting what day it is….so it inevitably gets shoved onto Tuesday or Thursday instead.  it is becoming annoying that I can’t keep up with the days of the week!

Did you know….that Wednesday used to be Woden’s Day?  which I assume (oh no, she is assuming!) that it was REALLY Odin’s Day and someone had a lisp…and it stuck because way back then when people thought Odin was real they were all illiterate and/or lazy and didn’t learn how to speak properly so Woden became the rage……..or something.

See the crazy stuff I almost learned in school?

Monday was originally Moon Day..it came after Sun’s Day ya know so that made sense.  Tuesday though was named after Tiu (whoever she was) and friday after Freya…in this instance they didn’t name it Freya after Cyranny’s cat but after some goddess of something…personally I would have named it after the cat.

I like cats….and no they do not have 9 lives nor do they always fall from a height and land on their feet.  Some of them are clumsy and fall smack on their backs. My brother once tossed a cat to see if it would land on its feet. I beat him up for doing it. Got in more trouble for that than the idiot sib got for throwing a cat, which I thought at the time (still do actually) was completely unfair.

I have two cats of my very own now…well, I think of them as mine even though they eat at every neighbor’s house in the block and hang out on my next door neighbor’s porch all day. I pay for their vet visits. sigh…and sometimes have one curl in my lap when I am on the front porch swing. That’s nice.

I have totally forgotten what I was supposed to be writing about…so enjoy this instead of waiting for me to blather on about something.


6 thoughts on “well rats. I missed Wednesday again!

  1. I had nothing to do with whatever has got you discombobulated. Love the cats.

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    1. well..I remember it was a man…and you were my first thought..and besides…I was medicated and my brain turned off. 😛

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  2. I love the space cats song!! So cute 🙂

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  3. Super cute video, sorry about your state of mind and the fact you missed Wednesday again. 😉

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  4. I’ve been slacking on my “music mondays”. I have a reminder set on my phone, but I’m not always up to doing it. We can only do what we can do.

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