been busy for a few days…….

Trying to get things fixed around the house.

This week I have had the absolute pleasure of finding a water fountain in the back yard (where we never had one before)…and after doing some digging, discovered that the electrician who connected George’s shed to the house electric somehow managed to ditch witch directly through the center of an outflow sewer pipe.

Yep…all the water from the kitchen and washing machine have been watering my back yard for a few months until the pressure became so great the sewer pipe completely burst.

After taking pictures of an electrical pipe bisecting the now-dissolving sewer pipe, spending hours on the phone with the electricians, the city inspectors, and the better business bureau…I finally have a fellow (the owner no less) of the electrical company coming out this evening to “inspect” the damage.

They WILL fix it at no cost to me…and it WILL be done soon as I can not abide a dirty kitchen and I can’t do dishes or laundry until the pipe is replaced.

Wish them luck.  I have all the stuffed down anger and frustration of the past two years political fiascoes inflaming my temper right now, and if one person gives me one second of trouble...

either by saying it is going to take a week to fix or by DARING to say I have to pay for their mistake and Oklahoma may ignite worse than a forest fire from the ensuing eruption of Suze on a rampage.


5 thoughts on “been busy for a few days…….

  1. Om, Om, Ommmmmm, breathe, breathe

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  2. What a mess! Go get ’em, Suze, if they don’t fix it just the way you want. 🙂

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    1. have a plumber coming out on Monday to “give the electric company an estimate”…so the dudes are at least thinking of fixing it….

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