what we think about Sandra………

Cyranny had a post where she had to state five things she liked about herself…she did it, posted then nominated a few to do the same thing. Sandra of What Sandra Thinks was one of them.

Sandra doesn’t see herself the way others do…a lot of that is due to chronic back pain that debilitates her…some is low self esteem..some is depression. Whatever the reasons, she simply can not like herself and that saddens those of us who have been following her.

She doesn’t see what an intelligent, loving, artistic, incredible person she is.

We do.

It hurts us to see her put herself down……we try to tell her how much we love her poetry, her fiction, her posts…HER.

Cyranny thought she could ask a few of us to express in an interview style how we think of Sandra, and maybe (please lord if there is one let her see and believe) what an incredible person she really is.

She has an incredible blog.  She’s had over 77000 (yes, thousand) people check her out and seems to have a bazillion followers……none of that helps though.

I want so badly to force her to see what WE see……..her inner beauty, her intelligence, her love of family…her STRENGTH!

I just can’t do the interview thing. I tried…I wrote a sort of post and asked Cyranny if it was what she had in mind..and she liked it. BUT, It wasn’t as truthful as I wanted it to be, and for that I have to be totally me and just babble.

Sandra:  I understand about pain…I’ve been living with two ruptured discs for twenty years. There are days where my mood is so bad I just want to beat heck out of every human I meet. I get that you have chronic pain and what it does to you. I understand depression and how sometimes the meds just don’t work the way they should. I know how some days all a person wants is to crawl into bed and die….but we survive. YOU are a survivor. You are strong. You are valuable to all of us who read your words, hopes, dreams, and even your pain.

We all of us want to ease your pain, both physical and emotional. We don’t know how, and we become frustrated…not with YOU but with ourselves in our own stupid inability to fix things.  All we can do is keep on following, keep on reading and keep on commenting on how important you are to each of us.

Sandra, I know I have hurt your feelings and I am sorry. I know I have not been able to express to you what a terrific person you are and I am sorry. I know I have attempted and completely failed at making you feel better about things, and I have failed to be encouraging. And for all of that I am most sorry.

For when I think of you as a person, as a mother, an artist, a writer…I wish I could be just HALF of how damned GOOD you are at each of those things.

If you don’t know who Sandra is, go check out her post………here.  The beauty shines through.


14 thoughts on “what we think about Sandra………

  1. Suze… I sooo wish I wasn’t completely drained, right now! I would write you the Cyranest comment ever! All wild and crazy as I can be… But I can barely put one word next to the other… I love this! Thank you for not following the ”interview” rule… you are the best rule-bender I know 😉 Muuuuuuuahh!!

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    1. I just love her so much and answering the questions didn’t get the feelings out the way I wanted. I wish i could just hug that young lady. dang. I made me cry…YOU made me cry. hell, I don’t know why I am crying! damn!

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      1. I think we’ll all end up crying happy tears tonight… Dang! I created a monster! 😛

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      2. Love you AND your creations! Muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ❤

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  2. She does have about three gazillion followers. And that suggests that she is about two point nine nine gazillion better at this than me. At least. Not that that would be anything to boast about. But it’s important that she know that we are not there to express sympathy. We are there to feed off her talent.

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  3. That was fantastic! You’re gonna make Sandra cry too. 😊

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  4. Nicely done! I am so happy Sandra’s friends are showing so much love! ❤️

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  5. I love her blog! She seems like such an amazing person. 🙂 I follow her Redbubble shop. SOOO much talent.

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    1. I absolutely LOVE the notebooks she sells!

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  6. I cried at every post… well, except for the funny one, where I laughed, but that’s a different story.

    Thank you for this. I know I’m not easy… and maybe I’m too self-aware, if that’s a thing. I think too much about the past and about regrets, and it makes the present even harder than it has to be. But things just happen to suck right now. And it’s hard to see good things in myself when the bad ones take over so often… so easily.

    I appreciate that people want to fix things for me. But it’s not expected… and I’m sure it’s not possible. I’m not sure everything can be fixed. All I can do is try. I know there’s nothing out there that will ever make everything perfect… or every day a good one. That’s not how life is no matter what kind of help I can get.

    Knowing people care helps. Even when I’m at my lowest, I will try to remember that people think of me far more highly than I think of myself… even though I can’t fully grasp that. I rarely feel strong or confident. But hopefully people will stay with me even when I dump it all out on my blog… because keeping it all in hurts more. It’s very lonely in there.

    Thanks for posting this… we haven’t known each other very long so I really appreciate it…

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    1. you are so loved. I wish that helped.


      1. It does… it doesn’t take away the problems, but it feels good to know.

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