fb sharing test

okay..so this is a test. not a real post…although it COULD be a real post if I blather enough, but then again it might not be a real post as it seems to be nothing but blather……….

okay, I have to tell ya’ll what I just did…I am typing this crap pretending it is a post while speaking on skype to a friend..she starts reading me a list of ingredients to a recipe and I type it in..so I had to stop, say Shup Angie and delete all that crap. After all Ehklas is for food, I am for blather!

Now, let’s see if this posts properly! woot!

9 thoughts on “fb sharing test

  1. Hmmmmm, what are we cooking, Suze?

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    1. a cajun cassarole with shrimp, sausage, peppers, squash and tomatoes…..want some? lol

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      1. Yes, can you FedEx it? Sounds yummy.

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  2. It read like a real post, funny and all!

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  3. Thanks Suze for all the likes on my blog 😀

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    1. I adore the pictures…and am insanely jealous! lol


  4. LOL So…this isn’t a “real” comment??? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

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