Sam and the “monster in the roses”

Sam rushed over last night after school all excited about something or other, rushed into the house yelling “Gramma Suze, Gramma Suze, ya gots to come see this thing! It’s a MONSTER!” 

As I was busily washing the after dinner dishes, I told Sam to hang on for a few minutes.

While I finished up, Sam was dancing madly in the room behind me in over-excitement, rambling and exclaiming over the “monster” and exhorting me to “Hurry UP!”

We finally (after about five minutes) were ready to go beard the monster in the rose bush.

Sam ran ahead of me and yelled “teacher said when we find Monsters to  infect  them!”

And I thought “what? Infect?”

Sam was dancing in place, pointing at the bush and said “See? there it is! It’s UGLY and has spikes! It’s a monster, idn’t it?”

I finally saw what Sam was pointing towards and said “Sam, honey. That is a caterpillar”.

Sam just looked flabbergasted for a moment before saying, “But Gramma Suze! Capatillers don’ts gots spikes!”. I mumbled “don’t have…not don’ts gots”

Sam, of course, ignored the correction.

I asked Sam how exactly he planned on “infecting” the Capa…errrr…caterpillar………and he said “I am already, Gramma Suze. Teacher said when we infect something new we gots to look real close and don’t touch”.

Now, for a college graduate and a member of MENSA I do know a LOT of words…complex words and phrases are a joy to me…but it took me a good five minutes to realize my darling six year old neighbor meant “INSPECT”.

16 thoughts on “Sam and the “monster in the roses”

  1. I love how little ones mispronounce, or even create their own, words. I should’ve recorded every word my boys said between 1-5 years old. Hilarious. 😃

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    1. Sam and his enthusiasm for life keep me going on days where I simply want o stay in bed.

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      1. Hahaha! It’s infectious, isn’t it? 😃

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  2. Fabulous! I love how they make up words! Keep up the good work, Sam!

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  3. Funny. I LOVE caterpillars, especially moth caterpillars, like this one is, that spin cocoons and turn into awesome nocturnal moths. They are older on the evolutionary chain than butterflies. Great to see kids so interested in nature and making p awesome words to describe it. 🙂

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    1. OOPS! Meant to write. “making up awesome words”.

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      1. I actually read it without it being “fixed”….lol

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  4. Ahhh, out of the mouths of babes. I love your Sam stories. Does he have a brother I could borrow?

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    1. he has a sixteen year old sister that I both adore and want to strangle.

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      1. Well, we know how girls can be…….especially 16 year olds….you know….it’s a female thing. LOL

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  5. Love Sam so much 💕💕

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  6. You and Anne must compare notes on your cute and curious neighbor kids!

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  7. Inspect the insect? I love your Sam stories, Suze, they make my day!

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    1. Sam is incredibly sweet and time spent with him renews my soul.


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