month of everything but writing……..

I’ve done it up good this time…….I failed to write a post about the majority of daily prompts. Yes, I did..and it is the longest list of prompts I failed to write about yet!

I am beginning to think Mr. Daily Prompter has simply become a complication in my daily grind instead of  a promoter of core topics.

This month has been skewed towards chores…..and regaining my equilibrium in the wake of a rising tide of, instead of an abrupt and premature explosion of curses towards those who follow a different mindset politically I have been attending meetings (love the online AA meetings!) and working my steps towards a calmer future.

I have gone out of my way to promote Laughter in my household, and among my friends……..I have rolled up my sleeves and tackled household jobs that I despise………

Things have become slightly better…or perhaps I should say my attitude has become slightly better.

I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family this weekend………..we will be getting together with Angie and Garry, their two fur-babies and our two……and sharing stories, laughter and food.

I won’t become any thinner afterwards, but I have decided that I shall be a rebel and embrace my semi-obesity! After all, I am not rich so there’s no need to be thin as well…..nope, we are  bunch of dirt farmers for the most part..and I thank God I don’t have to give a damn about our family pedigree.

I leave that nonsense for the snobs in my family.


There it is..all the words I missed this month due to a large and lengthy hissy fit!

6 thoughts on “month of everything but writing……..

  1. You? Hissy fits? I don’t believe it! I’m glad you are feeling better.

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  2. Wow, that was a spectacular effort! Very clever! It must have taken you ages to make all those links…..

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  3. You are a true magician with words, and we’re all due a hissy fit now and then. Enjoy your friends and family.

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  4. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do… 🙂

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  5. Well done! I tip my hat to you!

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