For those of us unlucky enough to have dealt with a narcissist in our lives, this prompt comes with bitter-sweet reactions.

My mother was a Narcissist.  Life was an endless round of pain and praise…praise in public because we were her children and therefor as perfect as her..pain when behind the closed doors of our home. Nothing we did ever rose to what she expected…rules changed constantly depending upon whether someone outside the family was present…so we never had any idea of how to act, or react.

We were all tiny reflections of her.

People are finally seeing just how disjointed and unpredictable Narcissists truly are….now that we have a president that shows every one of the symptoms of this mental disorder.

He and my mother would have hated each other…they both would have wanted all the public’s attention upon them and not the other.

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  1. Very astute commentary. And yes, undoubtedly every American no longer needs a dictionary to know what a narcissist is. trump is a perfect definition.

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  2. My stepmother is a narcissist too.

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