Sunday Afternoon

George and I were lucky enough to get to spend the day with our good friends, Angie and Garry.

We (of course) took along the dogs who adore our friends as much as we do.

We shared a lunch of grilled hamburgers, home made potato salad, Jerusalem salad and baked beans.  NO ONE cooks baked beans the way Angie does! I brought home a large container of them for later.

The highlight for me was cooking alongside my best friend, and just spending time with her and the dogs.

I think, for George, the best part was getting to eat whatever he wanted, watching a baseball game and rushing outside to see an antique plane flying over the house.

Turns out that a “tri-motor” is in Enid this weekend and giving out rides for the paltry sum of $75.00 per 15 minutes in the air!

No, I did NOT give George a blank check to go for a ride.  I did however drive him to the airport so he could get up close and personal with a plane from 1929.

Finally back home again with two sleepy puppies and the happy hubster and found a dead squirrel in the middle of the living room floor.

Pyewacket has been hunting again.

Two nights ago our insane murderer of a cat brought in a baby horned owl…….George thought it was dead..I grabbed the cat by his scruff and held on for dear life. George ran for gloves but the owl popped up and flew……………all over the house! With the cat in hot pursuit!

I finally snagged the cat and held him while George chased that poor little bird……..finally the baby flew outside (yes, one of us found their brains and opened both the screen and front door, then turned off the lights…I’ll leave you to guess which one).

I totaled up the weeks kills and have decided I need to rent Pyewacket out to people in need of vermin removal. We have four less squirrels, three less moles, one less mouse, seven less birds, two less bats and one less snake so far.

I just hope that when Pye runs out of wild creatures he doesn’t decide to go for the pit bulls across the street. I’d feel sorry for the dogs when they lose a fight against my 5 pound cat!


15 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon

  1. Wow, the mighty hunter! Still, I feel sorry for the little creatures., though.Our outside cats kill a bird sometimes, but mostly they don’t bother as the birds come eat the cat food right in front of them. Cricket, inside, is too lazy to even try to catch a moth that’s been flying around the house the past few days. haha!

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  2. Jerusalem salad? Do you serve it with Jesus bread?

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    1. oh hell no. lol jerusalem salad is chopped cucumber, tomato, onion in a vinaigrette……..

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  3. What a lovely day you had, until you got home! Your cat is very clever and must love you very much to bring you all those presents!
    Question – is it usual to cook your own baked beans? No one ever ever ever makes baked beans in the U.K. We Brits love buying tins of beans though, everyone has them in their cupboard, commonly eaten as beans on toast or with a full English breakfast. We wouldn’t have them at a BBQ. I love hearing about other folks’ eating habits!

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    1. I always make my own beans, so does angie (but she cheats). Ang takes a few cans of beans, adds tomato sauce, mustard, onion, bacon, green pepper, garlic and brown sugar.

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  4. Do you ever need to feed your cat 🐈😉

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    1. it seems like I shouldn’t, but Pye begs for a tin of food every day! lol

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  5. Our huge dog was not a hunter, maybe the wolf part of him was just tired. It used to be so cold in CO that squirrels would freeze on limbs. That’s when Smokey would bring them in the garage but it was too late to save them. My cats were all inside cats because we had three large dogs two houses up the street that were allowed to run free and mean, especially to kids and joggers.


    1. My cats are SUPPOSED to be inside cats…but they were raised with the idiot dogs and use the dog door to go outside.

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      1. Wondered if you’ve seen the Sundance channel offering of “Split” with Nicola Walker, the actress from Unforgotten and Halifax? It’s good. I like her a lot.

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      2. there’s a sundance channel? really?


      3. Yes. I don’t have netflix but it seems everything is there also.

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      4. ahh, I don’t have netflix or showtime, or any other premium anything. I hang with PBS and BBC………lol


      5. I don’t either

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  6. I LOVE this post!!! You made me laugh … thank you!!! Your four-legged family members sound even wilder than mine! 😀

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