I used to assume….

When George and I first bought a house (back a bazillion years ago) I had this silly assumption that I would be able to keep it clean, organized and smelling nice.  Little did I know.

First the kids came along..and the smells alone were enough to destroy any assumption I held for a nice smelling home……..

Then with children came pets………okay there went clean.

Jake is dirty!

Then I realized George came with his own messes…………..there went organized.

George in front of his “parts/supply” and his workbench

The children have grown up and gone to their own (I assume messy) homes……

The dogs are still here and still a mess…….and now there are two cats as well.

George is still a slob.

And I no longer hold any assumptions about our home.



7 thoughts on “I used to assume….

  1. Jake looks AWESOME! 😃😃

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    1. that was a wonderful day! All the dogs covered in muck!

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      1. Days spent covered in grunge are always fun! 😃

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  2. Oh well, at least everyone is happy! And you have a very cute dog!

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  3. Yeah but…..George now has his own personal shed.

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  4. Yeah yeah yeah sister, blame it on the kids, the dog, the hubby………….. been there, done that!

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