School is officially out for the year

And Sam is not only appalled that he can not attend this week, but that his big sister is also out of school.  Sam came over this afternoon to vent his frustrations.  I (of course) turned on the recorder…I hate missing anything he says.

Sam:  “Gramma Suze! Guess what?”

Me: “what Sam?”

Sam: “my teacher is taking….a.VACATION! She said school is over this year and she is taking a VACATION! She’s a TEACHER!”

Me: “well, Sam, teachers get the summer off to do other things. School doesn’t go all year long”

Sam: “But, Gramma Suze! I needs school!”

I offerred him a cookie……………..and Sam refused!

Sam:”no thank you. I am too dis-dressed to eat now”

Me: “depressed?”

Sam: “yea, that too. How can they do this to me Gramma Suze? Don’t they know I needs to get edumatated? I gots stuff to learn!”

Me: “have a cookie Sam, it’ll make you feel better”.

Sam: “nuh’ll just make me fats…give it to Braalie” (his sister)

Me: “well Sam, we’ll just have to think up things for you to do this summer so you wont be bored. How about swimming? I can take you to the pool?”

Sam: “I done wanna. I’d just prolly drown-ded and then I’d never get to go back to school.”

Me: “well Sam, it’s only a few months then school will start again”

Sam: ” Hey Gramma Suze?”

Me: “yes Sam?”

Sam: “can you microwave a dinosaur?”

Me: “what? a dinosaur? I don’t think so”

Sam: “how about a shoe? Can you microwave a shoe? Or a robot? huh?”

Me: “Sam. really?”

Sam: “see. This is exaccly WHY I need school! Cause my teacher would know the answer.”

10 thoughts on “School is officially out for the year

  1. We all need more edumatation.

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  2. Lol, love that boy, you have met your match with him 😊

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  3. Ha ha! Actually, microwaving a dinosaur sounds fun.

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    1. maybe I should go tell Sam it IS possible then???? lol


      1. Only if you can really find a dinosaur. 🙂

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  4. No WONDER she needs a vacation…

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  5. Happy summer, Grandma Suze. School’s out and Sam needs to be entertained.

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  6. Super cute!!! I hope that love for school never changes.

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    1. he graduated from Kindergarten this year……..I hope he maintains that love too!

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