that isn’t rain….it is a rainbomb

Yea…we are definitely having a rainbomb here.  The poor dogs have been terrorized all night by the lightening and thunder, the rain has been slamming down on everything for hours, the roads are flowing with runoff that has nowhere to go.

It’s really kind of cool………except the dogs were scared to death all night and kept climbing into my bed, throwing themselves upon me and shaking.

I am exhausted from it all.

It seems that the bag lady sent this stuff to us.  I am not sure WHY she did, but all the crazy newscasters said it came from where she lives, so it must be her fault, right? And it is sort of fair to blame her…after all I blame Cyranny for all the snow and ice we get every winter.

I know I have been ignoring my blog lately, and almost (not quite but getting close) feel bad about it.  I have been writing nonsense and blather for over ten years now (not here, but on other sites) and am wondering if there is anything left to actually say?

I mean, I have talked about blowing up the computer a bazillion times……..I have talked about the fun of getting trapped by a forklift between shelving units at a warehouse of knobs……….I have even ranted about politics and religion.

I have blathered about the “steps”…friends of Bill know what i am speaking of, and it doesn’t matter to anyone else……..I have babbled about kids, grandkids and Sam…………I have burbled about the pets and the silly things they do.

So is there anything left to actually say?

I mean, my Gawd, I am blabbing about RAIN for craps sake!

I think it might be a sign.

Or it could just be that I am sleep deprived and have nothing to say about Archaic………..

15 thoughts on “that isn’t rain….it is a rainbomb

  1. I love reading all your blather, even about the rain & weather. We’ve had a few days here and there of rain, which we sure needed. … I guess you heard the Daily word prompt will be no more after the 31st? Guess I missed out trying to do them every day. Oh well,..surely we can think of something else to blog about, right! 🙂

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    1. if we can’t then we should probably be ashamed of ourselves…

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  2. Suze. I CAN RELATE. I was beginning to wonder if WP was blocking me. Keep on writing. I love your blubber…, I mean blabber

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  3. We’re flooded too! And your blathering is the only thing keeping me sane in a house overrun by a cranky, frustrated cat and dog.

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    1. I too have a cranky cat…he is about to drive me insane.


  4. I feel eternally blessed that Titus doesn’t care two hoots about thunder and lightning, unlike our last three dogs. I can finally enjoy a good storm!

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    1. May I please borrow titus? I can trade two insane cats and a demented minpin………lol

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      1. He would be great to lend out–he’s such a comfort!

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  5. I beg your pardon, madam, but we see have rain, we keep it here, because it’s rare. Temps are up the last two wedks, so we need it. Every afternoon it gets dark and cloudy, but only rains a tiny bit. I liked the post, as I always do, but certainly not archaic. ; ))

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    1. well………I could have sworn it was your rain that had escaped and was pouring down on the idiots marching in OKC this morning…..oops? lol

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  6. We have had rain in England today but I don’t blame anyone 😇

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    1. that is because you are a saint!

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