it’s all Georgie’s fault!

Yep..Georgie Moon wrote an anti-bucket list then challenged others to do the same. For those that do not know Georgie….she is an absolutely LOVELY lady from somewhere or other in Great Britian…….yes, I actually know WHERE, but would rather you go find out on your own!

She, and her hubby (Tim…the “fixer of all things Kitchen”) spend half their year on FanDancer, a HUGE sailboat and travel around the Greek islands.  The rest of their time is spent tearing up kitchens and going on long vacations to get away from kitchen construction…or possibly just in England.

Her blog, third time lucky, is so named as it was the third time she tried making a blog…….maybe.

So..enough background..Georgie wrote a non-bucket list……and made the mistake of telling other people they too could do it.  That should never have been so blatantly stated! now, she will be inundated with ridiculous posts! But, since she DID write it, I have accepted her challenge.

So, to go along with my original bucket list, here’s my Anti-bucket List!

I was going to put a red circle with a line through on that bucket, but I haven’t any idea how to do it…so just pretend it is an anti bucket…not to be confused with anti-matter. that would be just plain wrong!

  1. I will never play with spiders. I can’t even look at a spider without freaking out and going into total spazz……so playing with one is out.
  2. I will NOT microwave a dinosaur just to make Sam happy!
  3. I won’t go on a cruise…..I don’t care where it is cruising towards or from either! I refuse to be trapped on a giant boat with a bunch of strangers. Now, I will go sailing with Georgie any day of the week, but since she values her sanity and isn’t likely to ask, I will just pass on boats and ships.
  4. I will NOT go bungee jumping (again)……….does this count since I was stupid enough to do it once already?
  5. I will NOT set all the windup toy animals free in Walmart again during the week before Christmas.

Boy, this Not gonna even think about doing it list is HARD! I need a break…..listen to this while I am getting a Dr Pepper and some peanuts……….

Okay, where was I?  Oh yea…number 6!

6. I will never, never eat worms!

7. I will not travel to a foreign country where they eat worms..or bugs…or other icky stuff.

8. I will NOT learn how to speak French. Cyranny will cry if she ever hears me butcher her native language…and we can’t have Cyranny cry!

9. I will not drive a race car..not even a stock one.

and finally………..

10. I will NEVER try to straighten up George’s shed! I don’t care how messy it gets.  I won’t even step foot in it to look at the mess I know is developing out there!


Okay..there ya have it. Now, anyone else want to think about what they will NOT do?

15 thoughts on “it’s all Georgie’s fault!

  1. I also will never, ever, go on a cruise ship. I love water, I love the ocean, but a nice little dinghy will do just fine. Ain’t no way me and Gabby is gonna get on a floating hotel with 3500 strangers. Hell no. NosireeBob.

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    1. with my luck, they’d all be republicans………lol

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      1. OMG, they’d feed you to the sharks……actually maybe that’s better than listening to their BS.

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      2. George just said “Suze, no cruises! Wouldn’t you rather visit your friend in Sopapilla?” I said where? He said..”that Gabby in Florida! LOL

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      3. roflol. God bless George


  2. Interesting list! I think I’ll do my own anti-bucket list, real soon. 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness! I’ve just woken up and checked my blog and found out I’ve made the headlines! I’ve never been headlined in a post before, thanks Suze, I’m blushing! I’m loving your list! But does any one actually have ‘eating worms’ on their actual bucket list of things to do? And I love the elevator music. We call them ‘lifts’ not elevators, by the way…..

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    1. it’s on Sam’s list…I should post that!

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  4. What fun! I WILL do an anti-bucket list!

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  5. There is only one thing on my list, bucket or otherwise; throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover, acquire new friends and gain knowledge of yourself and the world. 🙂

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    1. what a wonderful goal!


  6. I agree on the no cruise. Sounds nice, but too many disasters in the news about cruise ships, like people falling overboard, sickness, and crashes. … Now, I want to wind up all the toys and set them free! Fun! 😉 … Just did my list!

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