Sam’s “bucket list” (from the mind of a six year old)

Sam, the amazing kid next door who has “dopted” me as a “Gramma” frequently makes my days brighter simply by sharing his joys, frustrations and fears………..and asking crazy questions. I have learned over the past year of his visits to tape record the lil bugger…I want to be sure and get his pronunciation and words exactly right.

The other day (yesterday in fact) I was reading a post by Georgie Moon of Third Time Lucky………she wrote an anti-bucket list post…and challenged everyone else to do the same.

While I was writing mine, Sam came over to see what Gramma Suze was up to and we began discussing bucket lists.

Sam: “whacha doin, Gramma Suze?”

Me: “writing a non-bucket list”

Sam”: “Wazzat?”

Me: “a list of stuff I don’t ever want to do”.

Sam: “that’s silly. Lists are silly. My teacher made lists and never ever ever got them done and she had to make more and more and she’d get all wrinkled and frowny and lists are BAD Gramma Suze!”

Me:  “no, this one is supposed to be funny, Sam. It isn’t anything I really will do..just stuff I don’t want to do…like eat worms”

Sam: “worms are good. I have worms.”

Me:  “you eat them?”

Sam: “well, I could eat them if I wanted…they are preteen”

Me:  staring at Sam and wondering what in hades he is trying to say………….

Me: “so, Sam, what would be on your list of stuff to do?”

Sam: (frowning with the struggle of thinking up a list):” firstest I’d eat a worm….then I’d throw up”

Me: (trying to keep a straight face) “then what?”

Sam: “I’d microwave a dinosaur..and a buzzard….and i’d throw rocks at the lake and make them bounce like Grampa George does………….and I’d get a dog like Gunnar so I didn’t have to borrow him and I’d go on vacation to the moon and maybe to Disney Land and I’d gets me a tank that drives under water and go drive in the ocean and not get wet and shoot at sharks”.

Sam was still listing what he would do on his way out the door.

7 thoughts on “Sam’s “bucket list” (from the mind of a six year old)

  1. He has great imagination, SAM will go far with you teaching him 😃

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  2. Did I have a bucket list at Sam’s age? Don’t think so. Maybe that’s why I have been a drifter all my life.

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  3. That’s awesome, there is no imagination quite like a kid’s!

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  4. I’ve not done an un-bucket list . . still trying to figure out what should really be on my bucket list!!

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  5. Sam sounds like a cute kid!

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  6. Sam is hysterical. It must be fun having a little character like him in your life.

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  7. 🤣! Love this! 🙂

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