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So, I just saw this over on Barbara’s post..and she saw it on Sandra’s………it seems it is actually going to go all around the bloggosphere! WOOT! I love challenges, and I love Q&A’s..just seems easier than having to think up new subjects to write about..and still manage to get a couple of new posts done! best of both worlds.

Anyway, I am supposed to show the “tag”…..hang on I forgot to copy it. (cue icky elevator music while you wait)

this or that tag stolen from another blog…….lol

now what? Maybe I should actually go read all of Barbara’s post…..hang on………

Sorry, I couldn’t resist doing that again!

Okay……….The rules say to post the tag badge, thank the person you first read the tag game from, and tag a bunch of people. I (like Barbara) will tag all of you who want to participate! Did I thank Barbara? or Sandra?

oh who knows?  Anyway, here are the questions. Feel free to answer them yourself!

The Questions

Dog or Cat? yes..I have two of each at the moment
Netflix or YouTube? youtube since I don’t really know what netflix is actually.
Phone Call or Text? phone
Toast or Eggs?   a bagel
Cardio or Weights? you want me to exercise? seriously?
Facebook or Twitter? yes
Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? NO! neither one thanks.
Mobile Games or Console Games? umm, are computer games “console” or is that an xbox thing?
While walking: Music or Podcasts? . I’m lucky just to walk and breathe at the same time..don’t mess me up with music too!
iOS or Android?  Say what?
Cake or Pie? Yes please, as many as possible
Swimming or Sunbathing? swimming
Big Party or Small Gathering? small group please..big crowds make me wonder why they don’t have something better to do
New Clothes or New Phone? Can I have shoes instead? Preferably flip flops? thanks
Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? loyal. I don’t know any rich people.
Football or Basketball? NO NO NO NO NO!
Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? it seriously doesn’t matter. 
What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? both…any household chore is awful.
Jogging or Hiking? You are kidding, right?
Sneakers or sandals? Flip Flops
Glasses or Contacts?  glasses
Hamburger or Taco? Chinese food
Couch or Recliner?  couch
Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? online
Receive: Email or Letter? Letter..unfortunately, it is a lost art.
Passenger or Driver?  Driver…at least until I can no longer see.
Tablet or Computer? I have a desk top and a lap top and a kindle with a net thingy on it…I’d rather use the desktop.
Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny? It has to be George. If it isn’t George, I don’t want him.
Car or Truck? Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab with a  long bed thanks very much

Blue or Red?  Purple
Money or Free Time?  Money please
Amusement Park or Day at the Beach? Can I just stay home? beach…….sigh
At a movie: Candy or Popcorn? Neither. I haven’t been to a movie since Star Wars came out in 1977.
Pen or Pencil? pen
Toilet paper: Over or Under? over
Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down? both?  really, who cares? besides, they are on an open shelf. 
Pancake or Waffle? cheese danish! or a waffle..or a pancake
Coke or Pepsi? co-cola…preferably with peanuts…and that co-cola has to be warm. well, room temp anyway.
Coffee Cup or Thermos?  I have a special coffee cup……it’s as large as a thermos!
Blinds or Curtain?  curtains……..sheer white
Train or Plane?  steam train
Phone or Tablet?  phone
Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? yes
Meat or Vegetables? yes
International Vacation or a New TV? International vacation..preferably to several countries where I can stay with residents instead of a fricking hotel.
Save or Spend?  i TRY to’s hard when it is paycheck to paycheck.
Honesty or Other’s Feelings? honesty
Coffee or Tea? TEA
TV or Book? books! I adore books
Ocean or Mountains?  how about an island that has mountains on it? I want both
Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?  how about a good docudrama?
City or Countryside?  ENID…it is both
Mac or PC? PC..I have honestly never even seen a mac.
Card Game or Board Game? board game…RISK! And I WILL take over the world!
Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?  camping. every single time.
Working Alone or Working in a Team? alone..unless i can boss the team around
Dine In or Delivery? delivery
Sweater or Hoodie? neither.  I have a cashmere shawl a young Palestinian woman wove while I watched. No sweater would come close!
Motorcycle or Bicycle?  gimme a small rice-burner please?
Book or eBook?  yes.  I love books..but the worse my eyesight becomes the easier the ebook is to read from….
When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?  fan
TV Shows or Movies? tv shows I suppose. Although I have a really large collection of British movies…and Indian movies (I LOVE bollywood!!!!!!)

4 thoughts on “This or That Tag……….

  1. That was nice, to have some elevator music playing while I was reading your answers! Q & A posts are the most fun, aren’t they! I can’t resist when I see one. … Okay, I get peanuts in a Coke, done that a lot of times, but room temp. I just couldn’t! 🙂 … That cashmere shawl sounds wonderful!

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    1. the peanuts will make a cold cocola explode! gotta be room temp!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My mom used to drink peanuts and coke all the time! Not sure how to play but I’ll try to figure it out. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Interesting…guess we’ve been lucky, as it never happened to us. 🙂

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