Sam…..and the postal service

Sam (for those who have either never read my blog or just ignore me) is the six year old next door that has “dopted” me as a “gramma”.

Sam spends a remarkable amount of time visiting his “dopted” grammas all around the neighborhood. He has Sue across the street to take him to church “(Sumday Schools are the BEST Gramma Suze! They gots LOTS OF COOKIES!”); he has Brenda on the east side of me for jaunts to a local water park;  and he has Me..Gramma Suze, for gardening, cookies, and general information on a variety of subjects.

Sam had a question for me this afternoon…he came charging over yelling “Gramma Suze, Gramma Suze”……..with a folder of some sort squeezed tightly in his hand…….

Sam: “Gramma Suze, guess what THIS is?” while waving it in my face..

Me: “I don’t know, Sam, what is it?”

Sam: “It’s A POPSILL BOOK and I gots it!”

Me:  “a what book?”

Sam: (looking at me as if I suddenly was speaking a foreign language) “A POPSILL BOOK!”

Me: “OHHHHHHHH, Can I see it please?”

Sam “ya gots to give it back and don’t wrinkle it!”  Now Sam had it all rolled up in his sweaty little hand and it was already mighty wrikled, but I agreed not to wrinkle it anymore so I could see just what in tarnation the boy was crowing about!

Me:  “Oh, Sam, it is a stamp collection book!”

Sam: “yup. it comes from the POPSILL serbice”

Me:  “the postal service”

Sam: “that’s what I said! I’s gonna gets me stamps from everywhere. Where’s captain danger live again? Frozen?”

Me: “who Cyranny?”

Sam: “No, I named her captain Danger, doncha remembers?”

I nodded…yes I remember all about why too and hoped Sam had forgotten.

Sam” so where in frozen does Captain Danger live? Is it near Elsa?”

Me: “I don’t know where Elsa lives..Captain Danger lives in Canada though”

Sam: Do they got stamps there?”

I said yes, and as a matter of fact I have one and did Sam want it…….

Of course Sam wanted it! I spent the next ten minutes trying to get the stamp off an envelope and listening to this in a six-year-old’s squeeky voice sung at maximum volume…….

Now, I completely understand why a six year old likes that song.  BUT…………I sincerely hope I never have to hear it again! Sam got a cookie and a stamp from Freezingland to start off his collection and was happily singing that horrid song all the way home.

15 thoughts on “Sam…..and the postal service

  1. haha so cute! At first I thought he was saying a Popcicle Book. Maybe sometime he can get some of those new scratch ‘n sniff stamps I heard they’re coming out with, with pictures of Popcicles on them. Stamps are fun! 🙂

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    1. me too..I give the boy popsicles all the time and it sounded the same………lol

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  2. I’m glad you help stoke his interest in things like that, so he learns about other things than video games and cartoons on tv! There is hope for the world then!

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    1. the only computer game he is allowed to play is farmtown…with me! lol

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  3. Wish I had a Sam next door…..all I’ve got is a Mrs. Friggenhoffer

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    1. yea…I’m sorry. Frieda just doesn’t compare, does she? lol

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  4. awww! he’s so cute! love cyrannys nickname! xxx

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    1. isn’t it great??? I LOVE that he calls her captain danger! It’s because of her after eight pic of a bunch of caterpillars……


  5. What a cute little kid! I love hearing what he’s up to.

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  6. Oh, but aren’t you lucky to have a Sam in your life!!! What a charming young man!

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  7. Sam has three wonderful grammas on the street, lucky kid!

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    1. I’m pretty sure WE are the lucky ones! I am going to hate it when he becomes old enough to realize that “grammas” aren’t cool anymore……..


  8. Oh, I had a Sam many years ago before Ken and I had Tristan. When he and his family moved away, I cried. He’s grown up and has a family of his own now, the lovely boy.

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  9. Aww love that boy 💕


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